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Opportunities Week (14-18 June)

The Careers and Employability Service has organised a virtual Opportunities Week to support students of all years with their employability. The week will provide students with a range of sessions around: job hunting in the current climate how to make

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Online expert talks: original thinking and safeguarding your wellbeing

Sage and John Smith’s have partnered up to offer a short series of hour-long expert talks on ways to get the most from your time at university. How to think for yourself What does it mean these days to read,

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Mental health and wellbeing resources for all occasions

Many thanks to Zarah Vernham in the Department of Psychology for pulling together the most comprehensive list of support services we have been able to promote to date. Need urgent support? Shout Shout is a free, confidential, 24/7 text-messaging support

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Staying well in academia

Academia can be a lonely and competitive place at the best of times, and working in isolation during lockdown makes everything more difficult. Happily there is inspiration in the form of a little book of inspiration, albeit written in the

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World AIDS Day

A very brief and incomplete history of AIDS Arrival of a pandemic AIDS came upon the world suddenly in the late 1970s. It arrived by stealth – a new and lethal infectious disease spreading increasingly rapidly with uncertain means of

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Staying well

Maintaining a sustainable routine, making sure your physical and mental wellbeing do not suffer, and staying on top of everything you need to do at university and in life in general can be a struggle at times. There are little

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The joy of having a sustainable routine

Easier said than done, a sustainable routine helps keep you healthy, happy and able to stay on top of your studies.  A relaxing bedtime routine leading to enough, regular sleep is the bedrock on which a successful life is built. 

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Study well: a whistle stop tour from tomato timers to workplace ergonomics

It is important to structure your study time to get the most from the hours you invest.  One of the most effective methods is known as the Pomodoro Method (from the Italian for ‘tomato’).  The inventor discovered that using his

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Looking out for your mate: a guide for the concerned

Starting a new year at university, the onset of winter and potentially gloomier weather, and the prospect of greater social restrictions are just a few things that can make people feel low at this time of year.  Helping a friend

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Learning to love working from home (post-lockdown)

Now that the lockdown is easing, it is easier to adapt to some time-honoured practices for working at home successfully, including changing your scene occasionally.  Many coffee shops are offering a government subsidy Monday-Wednesday each week, so why not  pop

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