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Videos to add variety to your teaching and learning

Are you looking to add some colour and variety to your teaching and online reading lists?  I recently shared some of the wonderful images, from VR architectural interiors to political cartoons available from our extensive image resource Artstor.  Today, I

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BBC News is now available worldwide (until end July)!

Box of Broadcasts (BoB UK) now offers worldwide coverage of the BBC News Channel, offering access to all those university students who have returned home overseas due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are an international student enrolled at the

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Record, playback and clip television on demand with BoB

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is a service that allows you to request television programmes be recorded, watch programmes anyone has recorded in the past, and then extract clips for use in presentations or other projects. Not only that, but BoB

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Mediated Space by James Benedict Brown

 by Dr. James Benedict Brown is the title of new book from RIBA Publishing and also the title of a conference paper given at ARCLIB, the Architecture Librarians’ Conference in July. James, essentially whet our appetite with this visually engaging

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Speak and soon you shall be heard… by the BBC iPlayer

The BBC is testing a new voice-powered iPlayer app – useful for those moments you want something to watch when you have both hands full.  Check out this and other articles of interest in television and broadcast media from our

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The polar bears made me do it…

Students at another university have for decades complained about the painting of polar bears savaging the sinister blood red sails of a wrecked ship that stares down at them from the exam room wall.  They claim it has caused all students who

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Record 15 things a day with Box of Broadcasts this month (December 2016)

Up until the New Year, Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is offering you up to 15 recordings per day.   Now you can record all the best Christmas TV for posterity!  Visit BoB here.

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Stepping through the television screen

What do archive footage of a fireworks display, a dinosaur, a human heart and an old BBC logo have in common? They have all been used as test subjects for floating ‘holographic’ images in an experiment by the BBC and visual effects

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Box of Broadcasts (BoB) update

Update 20.09.16 – Box of Broadcasts (BoB) have now advised that: You should by now have access to all your old clips. The redirects from all old saved links except embed codes will be working again shortly.  Links will redirect once

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Logging in to Box of Broadcasts: asked to re-register every time (resolved)

Update 21/09/2016: This problem has been resolved. Learning Online have contacted me to say our students and staff are still getting in touch directly with them as they are repeatedly being asked to register as a new user every time

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