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Online expert talks: original thinking and safeguarding your wellbeing

Sage and John Smith’s have partnered up to offer a short series of hour-long expert talks on ways to get the most from your time at university. How to think for yourself What does it mean these days to read,

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Wednesday study skills webinars

Macmillan Publishers are offering a series of free study skills webinars in support of their academic writing book series. The webinars last one hour each and cover reflective journaling, essay writing, and goal setting, motivation and overcoming procrastination. They run

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The rise of RISE: the new online home for student research

Until now, students on taught courses could produce the most impressive research and interactive artefacts but because the scope of an undergraduate or Masters degree project rarely allows a project of sufficient scope and depth of analysis to compete with

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Ways your library is making home study easier

Did you know you can get scanned book chapters emailed to you and books posted to your home address? You can also pick up books you’ve requested at the same time as your B&W printing from the entrance area. Check

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Study well: a whistle stop tour from tomato timers to workplace ergonomics

It is important to structure your study time to get the most from the hours you invest.  One of the most effective methods is known as the Pomodoro Method (from the Italian for ‘tomato’).  The inventor discovered that using his

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Cloud storage vs USB sticks

I have seen too many students over the years in tears because they have lost their dissertation or other work just before a deadline to let it happen again.  As you begin your first assignments of the year in earnest,

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The windmills in your mind: reflection for reflective writing and lifelong learning

Welcome to a mind-expanding trip down the rabbit hole into the wonderful world of reflective writing, as I try to answer the age old question, “So what really did just happen?”.  This follows on from my last post introducing reflection

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Learning to love working from home (post-lockdown)

Now that the lockdown is easing, it is easier to adapt to some time-honoured practices for working at home successfully, including changing your scene occasionally.  Many coffee shops are offering a government subsidy Monday-Wednesday each week, so why not  pop

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Writing up a dissertation: four tips for success

Writing up a dissertation can feel very different from writing a normal assignment because it is simply so much longer.  Happily, there are several tricks and tips to make this Herculean project more manageable. Start with the end in mind

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23+ wellbeing things. No. 14 – Seven steps to finding your focus

1. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Sitting at a table that is not the right height for you or sitting on a chair that does not really fit the table at hand is just asking for stiffness and physical

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