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23+ wellbeing things. No. 5 – tune out and say “howdy” to the real world!

If fine-tuning what social media places in front of you does not improve your mood, it might be that you need to re-engage with the real world around you.  With the average person staring at social media feeds for a

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23+ tips for wellbeing in strange times #4 – Fill your stream with good vibes

Now is the time to start weeding your social media feeds and focus in on those things that make you feel good inside: Follow inspiring, happy accounts that make you feel good.  Some examples fro Twitter include (and this is

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Library staff are still here to help you

The Library building may have closed, but our staff are all here to offer you the same support online that you would expect at the Library help desk.  We can help with finding the information, market data, ebooks and journal

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Calling all academics using social media: the NCCPE needs you!

Are you a member of academic staff enthusiastically engaging with social media to promote your research?  The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement are looking to develop support for academics who want to engage the public using social media and they

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Getting blue tick verified: a librarian’s guide to pleasing the little blue bird

After recently becoming one of the few UK university libraries to obtain Twitter blue tick account verification, I wanted to share our insights and experience with other libraries who may want to pursue verification of their own institutional library accounts.

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Up there in blue and white: @UoPlibrary receives blue tick verification on Twitter

Some of us harbour secret, furtive aspirations to answer more of your questions via Twitter.  We imagine many of you sitting with Twitter on your phone, just waiting to ask us library things, and given how many other businesses engage

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A very brief examination survival guide: a lecturer writes…

For revision Write essay plans Discuss alternative approaches with friends Make sure you know where you are going and where your exams are being held Make time to relax/exercise

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Platforms from which to launch your research career

Did you know that our video library of research methods from Sage, Sage Research Methods, includes videos explaining how to use social media and other online tools to increase the visibility and impact of your research publications? Next time you want to

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Getting you the help and expertise you need

Every year we are told that you find our staff really helpful but we were concerned that not everyone might know what we offer. Alongside pointing out our most choice offerings on our social media channels, we have brought together

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10 apps of Christmas 2016 #10 – Videofy.me

Last but not least, Videofy.me allows you to film, edit and blog videos from your smartphone, adding effects currently not currently offered by the live video streams of mainstream social media apps.  Interesting for sketching video projects and if you have a

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