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Penguins of science and honour

From energy diagrams in particle physics to the “penguinone” of aromatic chemistry fame, and the physics of penguins’ redecorating the areas surrounding their nests so neatly they can be seen from outer space by passing satellites. Oh, and according to

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Scientist of the week: Carl von Linné

How biological species got their name Have you ever wondered how biological species got their names? How biologists can claim to know which of the many species of earthworm or which of the millions of bacteria they are actually looking

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Web of Science temporarily unavailable (resolved)

Update 28/09/2016: Web of Science is now working normally. Searching Web of Science currently results in the error message “Server encountered an internal error”.    We apologise for the interruption to this service. This problem is affecting all Web of Science customers and

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Web of Science video challenge

Thomson Reuters have announced the Web of Science video challenge: submit a short, innovative, high quality video showcasing your work and how you are using Web of Science to support it by 30 June and you could win one of five $100 Visa gift cards.

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ICE Science Collection free trial (until 30 Sept)

We are delighted to announce free trial access to the ICE Science Collection until 30th September 2016, giving us access to 5 academic journals covering a wide range of disciplines containing over 400 papers.  Click the links to read: Bioinspired, Biomimetic and

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Reader beware

Critically reading the scholarly literature (whether in science or any other field) involves more than just trusting the conclusions and abstract tell the whole story.  This blog post from the LSE suggests you read the abstract last once you have found the papers you

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Breakthrough of the Year

Science magazine has announced CRISPR, a new method in molecular genetics, as its breakthrough of the year for 2015.  They have produced a video outlining what the innovation is and why the innovation is so important.

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New e-journal: Reaction Chemistry & Engineering

Reaction Chemistry & Engineering is a new, free e-journal now available for you to access for free from the Royal Chemistry Society.  From fundamental, molecular level chemistry to large scale chemical production, Reaction Chemistry & Engineering brings together communities of chemists

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Technology Book of the Week 4/12/15

This is probably straying into the science areas, but as it has such direct applications to technology, we’re going to include it anyway. In Search of Time: journeys along a curious dimension by Dan Falk.

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For those of you who love archives and libraries and enjoy visiting museums and art galleries, this may be the website for you.  If you like finding out about forthcoming exhibitions (and anything archaeological and historical) see http://www.culture24.org.uk/home. It’s partly

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