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Return of Referencing@Portsmouth

Cite Them Right has gone away and been replaced with the return of our own in-house referencing platform, Referencing@Portsmouth. We think you’ll like the changes. Bringing referencing back in house allows us to give you more relevant examples and tailor

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Referencing@Portsmouth gets a new look

You may have noticed a change to the Library referencing page yesterday. We have returned to using an in-house system that is tailored precisely to your needs, offering more precise referencing advice and examples specific to how we use different

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Making the most of Mendeley

Mendeley is a versatile and powerful reference management platform that helps automatically create pre-formatted reference lists that reliably match the citations in the body of your assignment. It can save you time and hassle referencing things, whichever referencing style you

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4 referencing top tips Cite Them Right might not tell you

When it comes to referencing these days, it is usually pretty straightforward. Click the  icon on the Library website and then on Cite Them Right, log in (if you are not using the VPN – but seriously, if you can

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Introducing Cite Them Right: referencing made simple

Referencing is most people’s least favourite part of researching and writing an assignment.  Tedious, pedantic and seemingly comprised of the wreckage left by a violent collision between a number of different rulesets, referencing systems seem to be designed to cost

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Law referencing (OSCOLA) drop-in sessions

Our lovely Law subject team, Mystery and Sharon, will be running OSCOLA (law referencing) drop-in sessions via Zoom three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 5 October and 18 December from 11 am – 12 noon each

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APA (6th ed.) referencing bite-sized: gather your reference links as you go!

Your reference list is a single alphabetical list of all the sources you have cited.  Everything you have cited should be included in your reference list and everything in your reference list should have been cited at least once in

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DOI codes and permalinks: a tale of two standards

Back in the day, there were different folks trying to solve the same problem: how to make things you find online easily and reliably retrievable despite the people hosting those things regularly giving web pages and other content descriptive names

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APA (6th ed.) referencing bite-sized: which date?

Books and ebook publishers, in particular, seem to enjoy listing long lists of dates on the back of the title page in order to confuse anyone trying to reference the (e)book.  This blog post explains how to pick the right

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APA (6th ed.) referencing bite-sized: unhelpful numbers of authors

As we all know, the correct number of authors for any work is one.  This makes it really simple to cite and reference, saving us time and therefore is objectively the best number.  Authors are however gregarious folk who often

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