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Update 17 July – The reading list rollover cometh NOT!

Update 17 July 2019 – In light of Curriculum 2019 and subsequent changes to courses and units, we will not roll existing content over to the next academic year.  We will instead archive all 2018/19 reading lists at the end

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Borrowing books 101

The library is Tardis-like, being seemingly bigger on the inside than it seems when you first walk in. Most people find such a large library intimidating but since you can clearly learn your way around a big new city, it

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Love your (online) reading lists

Your reading lists are your friends.  They are resources your lecturers feel are particularly good for your course.  They show you what to read and use first for your assignments.  Each item has a blue button alongside it that either

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Reading list rollover (information for academic staff)

The end of year reading list rollover is almost upon us.  All reading lists will roll over to show as current lists for the coming academic year on Thursday 2 August 2018.  If you are an academic managing one or

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Talis Aspire – changes to the digitised content request form

(You can safely ignore this post if you are a student.  This post only concerns staff who create and maintain online reading lists.)   The digitisation request form for online reading lists changed slightly yesterday.  In the previous version, the options

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More resources than ever before

We realise that study is not limited to formal library work but can instead expand to fill the cracks in your day and that you therefore want to be able to read and study wherever you can, so we have

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Love your reading lists

Full text resources your lecturer wants you to read from a single click of the big blue buttons. Find the reading lists for your units by searching under the Reading Lists tab on the Library homepage or here.  

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Online reading lists: love the big blue button

With online reading lists you need only click the big blue “Online Resource” button once and you’re reading full ebooks and articles online.  What is more, you will be reading the journal articles and ebooks your lecturer most wants you

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Intermittent problems reported with Library electronic resources and reading lists (resolved)

Update 14.09.16 – We are pleased to report that Information Services have now rectified this problem.  All our electronic resources and online reading lists should be working normally again.  If you experience any further problems, please do not hesitate to contact

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Intermittent problems reported editing online reading lists

Update 14.09.16 – Similar problems have been reported with other electronic Library resources, including Ebrary and the Discovery Service.  This post has been updated in this replacement post. Intermittent problems have  been experienced by lecturers editing online reading lists.  Problems have been reported at

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