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Trying to get more done faster? It’s tomato (timer) time!

Which is the most productive fruit? Well, it turns out to be any sort that’s made into a timer and set to 25 minutes.  Back in the 1980s, Franceso Cirillo discovered that working for 25 minutes before taking a 5

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We come up with New Year’s resolutions, why not for the new academic year, too?

Have you thought about the ‘new (academic) year – new you’ yet? I was reading the Metro paper the other day and an article by Susan Griffin on productivity caught my eye. Here is the resolutions list she devised: Start

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Productivity at a distance

Everyone loves a good life hack, particularly business leaders.  Any new gadget or way of working that promises to make what we did yesterday easier and faster so that we can do more tomorrow than today attract attention.  The challenge

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Faster than a speeding journal: return of the handwritten tasklist

The Faculty Librarian for Technology has characteristically uncovered the least technologically sophisticated way of keeping track of everything you need to do, using a notepad and pen.  The method is called “Bullet journalling”.  Combining a simple calendar with monthly task

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Get app happy and enjoy your studies your way!

No two people learn exactly the same way, and so we try to support you however you choose to study.  Take a moment to explore the suites of apps that can record and annotate your lectures, make websites more readable, read text

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More power to your napping: re-introducing 3rd Space

Students have been asking us for a space where they can take a nap to break up their studies and recharge. Studies reportedly suggest that this might actually be good for you, with a 10-20 minute nap in the afternoon helping

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10 apps of Christmas 2016 #9 – Any.do

Any.do is one of the most popular apps for keeping track of your to do list, and it helpfully syncs across devices including your laptop/computer over the web, so you can set up your task list before breakfast and track it

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Return of the Christmas apps

Last year we launched a popular series of posts promoting a variety of apps useful to support your learning and productivity.  We have been looking at apps this year that are variously useful for study and life in general but for anyone new this

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If this then that: your will be done, automatically

Two separate apps designed to work together, “If” and “Do” allow you to get your mobile device to help organise and share things without you having to lift a finger. If allows you to automate commands passively, so emails can

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So many priorities, so little time

“A divided mind is a mind on the path to destruction. If thine eye be single, thy life will be full of light.” – Anon. “One cannot serve two masters.” – Matthew, 6:24 Ancient thinking seems replete with quotes encouraging

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