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Connecting Windows 10 laptops to presentation screens in Library group study rooms

It appears that devices running Windows 10 are not able to connect the presentation screens in the Library group study rooms via an HDMI cable.  Earlier versions of Windows are not believed to be affected.  Thank you for your patience

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Our Sally on M.E. with video

It was International ME/CFS Awareness Day on the 12th May. To mark the occasion, Sally Callow, a member of UoP Library staff gave an informal awareness talk. In the audience was a good mixture of ME sufferers, family and friends

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Enlivening lectures

Perhaps this would cheer up a Library information literacy lecture!

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Also being busy of late has been Prezi – a whizzy alternative to PowerPoint which will make your audience sit up and take notice if they’re a bit jaded with the traditional slides and bullet points.  The site is here:http://prezi.com/

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1000 addenda

OK, we’ve had complaints already that we didn’t includ ‘Hats of Meat’ our most controversial post right back in the early days that nearly had the blog shut down!  Of course, since then Lady Gaga has made us look quite

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Making a Successful Speech

Fifty years ago President John F. Kennedy made his inaugural address. Here is an article from the BBC about it and tips on making a good speech: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-12215248

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The problem with PowerPoint

For all our lecturers out there, preparing for a new year of teaching… http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/8207849.stm We’d encourage any students asked to do a presentation to show the academics how it should be done! (And TOTD will go away and rewrite any

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