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Technology Book of the Week 4/12/15

This is probably straying into the science areas, but as it has such direct applications to technology, we’re going to include it anyway. In Search of Time: journeys along a curious dimension by Dan Falk.

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New e-resources for you this Spring – ejournals

Rounding out our offerings of new e-resources are these collections of new ejournals. IOP Archive collections A historic collection of 77 journals published by the Institute of Physics between 1874 – 2006. Healthcare Professionals Subscriptions to 7 new healthcare journal titles. Annals

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Liquid Art

German photographer Markus Reugels captures remarkable sculptural images of splashing water droplets using flash photography. http://www.markusreugels.de/ From the menu on the left (the website is in German) you can view various categories of droplet shape, including crowns and fountains. TOTD’s

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Double yolks and the world’s smallest map

Scientists at the Photonics Research Group of Ghent University-IMEC have fabricated a world map on a scale of 1:1,000,000,000,000. Or, if you prefer, 1: 1 trillion. http://photonics.intec.ugent.be/publications/MediaCoverage/2009-12-17/default.htm This reminded TOTD of a discussion on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this

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Fantastic Contraption

Build whimsical machines by connecting rotating wheels and rods to negotiate a variety of ostacle courses. It may not be as clever as the construction kit in Sodaplay, but it’s rather fun. http://www.physicsgames.net/game/Fantastic_Contraption.html

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The Photographic Periodic Table

This is much more exciting than the dull poster that TOTD used to stare at during double chemistry each Saturday morning. The site is richly illustrated and the facts accompanying each element are facinating. Did you know that liquid oxgen

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Sixty Symbols

This collection of sixty videos from the University of Nottingham hopes to unravel some of the mysteries behind all those funny letters and squiggles used by scientists. Some of the symbols have been made up, but they link to  interesting

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The Naked Scientists

TOTD was recently given a book called Crisp Packet Fireworks that is full of experiments you can try at home. This includes, rather remarkably, working out the speed of light using margarine and a microwave oven. There are loads for

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Here’s something that should appeal to mechanical engineers and those with an interest in physics. http://sodaplay.com/ Try Constructor, which allows you to create models using a combination of fixed and free masses, springs and muscles. http://sodaplay.com/creators/soda/items/constructor It takes some practice, and

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