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Scientist of the week: Carl von Linné

How biological species got their name Have you ever wondered how biological species got their names? How biologists can claim to know which of the many species of earthworm or which of the millions of bacteria they are actually looking

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Penguin spotting for science

Computers are notoriously bad at recognising complex objects in photographs.  You are much better!  That is why scientists studying penguins using time-lapse photography are asking for people like you to identify penguins in photographs to help us better understand their

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Enter the dragon

Researchers here at the University of Portsmouth have helped analyse dinosaur remains of a new dinosaur discovered in Wales, now named Dracoraptor, meaning “dragon thief”.  The description was made more reliable both by having a substantial amount of the dinosaur

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For those of you who love archives and libraries and enjoy visiting museums and art galleries, this may be the website for you.  If you like finding out about forthcoming exhibitions (and anything archaeological and historical) see http://www.culture24.org.uk/home. It’s partly

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New digital botany resource: Global Plants

Discover the world’s largest database of digitized plant specimens.  An important resource for institutions supporting research and teaching in botany, ecology, and conservation studies, Global Plants is the largest community-contributed database used by students and researchers worldwide of its kind. 

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Sounds of our shores

Record your local sea shore for posterity!  The National Trust has invited everyone to record sounds of the UK seaside to form an audio archive.  Busy ports resounding with man-made sounds are as welcome as sounds of nature.  The “Sounds of our shores” project is

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 04/06/2015

In a slight change to our usual routine, this week’s Creative Arts Book of the Week has been chosen and reviewed by Pablo, our friendly library penguin… Animals, by Camilla de la Bédoyère, is a beautiful new book of illustrations which

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New book: Plant Physiology and Development

Plants have been in the news a lot over the last week with the appearance of Chelsea Flower Show on our TV screens. So it seems timely to announce the arrival of a new book to the library ‘Plant Physiology

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British Library Sounds

Explore the British Library’s extensive collection of recorded sounds, including music, oral history, wildlfe and dialects. http://sounds.bl.uk/  

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Talking Tree

And now for something a little different.  If you’ve always wanted to meet a talking tree, try: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eostalkingtree/ http://twitter.com/eostalkingtree/ http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001416335569&v=wall http://soundcloud.com/eostalkingtree http://vimeo.com/14854699  

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