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Book a librarian service now live

In addition to our existing online chat and enquiry web form services, now when you click on the purple and white question mark icon you can also choose to book an appointment with a librarian for more in depth help on anything from finding

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Adding to the collection: librarians as authors

Librarians are usually pictured curating collections, nowadays of predominantly electronic resources.  Surrounded by literature and studies of all kinds, it is perhaps unsurprising that some librarians have also taken to writing books themselves.  Second-hand bookseller Abe Books has brought together a few highlights from the

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What do the Enquiries team do?

The Enquiries team have been doing something unusual this week. We’ve been talking about ourselves. This isn’t something that comes naturally, and it can seem a bit awkward, but as part of the Library’s staff development programme, we’ve been presenting

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Library staff travel East!

It’s always great to see members of Library staff developing skills, but a recent event is worthy of note when one of our Assistant Faculty Librarians travelled to Hong Kong in her capacity as an Accreditation Assessor for CILIP.

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Are you being served?

Your friendly librarian can help with more than you might expect, including: Improving your search skills – understanding what you need to find for an assignment and how to go about finding it in the most efficient ways possible.  Ask

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MOP (Massively Observed Penguin)

Mass Observation? Sounds fishy to me! But no, it’s not about surveillance, CCTV or Big Brother.

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Happy National Librarians Day?

According to my “calendar of very important National Days”, today is National Librarians Day. Although officially the nation is the US, any day that celebrates the work of library folk is worth celebrating if you ask me. On Tuesday, you may

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Happy National Library Workers Day (where’s my card?)

In the USA, National Library Workers Day is a day for library staff, users, administrators and others to recognize the valuable contributions made by all library workers. This year it falls today, on Tuesday 14th April. Twelve years ago, the American Library

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Why the Library is like an Easter egg…

It’s been a quiet week here in the Library. I can’t give you an exact figure for the number of Easter eggs which have been consumed by the Enquiries team, but it’s fair to say it was quite a few.

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How many librarians does it take to make a paper plane?

It started with a tweet. One of those throw-away tweets, stumbled across by accident, that then becomes all-important. I wanted to make an F-15 fighter jet from paper. From one piece of paper.

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