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“Climate emergency” is OED word of the year in 2019

And the word of 2019 is… “climate emergency”.  Well, we could have sworn that was two words but we’re not going to argue with the lexicographers at the Oxford English Dictionary!  Accompanying heightened awareness of climate change and its impact

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Swipe right for a year of English language evolution

Language evolves and dictionaries with it – we can only wonder what changes in the meaning of common, everyday words we might find were we to crack open the carefully preserved dictionaries hiding in the Rare Books room. If you

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World Poetry Day

Since records began, poetry has formed part of our oral tradition, connecting ideas across continents, cultures, civilisations and generations.  World Poetry Day, seeks to recognise the power of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind and to

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A rose by any other name…

How well do you know your Indian English? English has spread far and wide and developed into a plethora of related languages collectively known as Panglish, a corruption of pan-English.  In India, words are borrowed and adapted from native languages including Hindi

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English idioms made as easy as pie

Ever wanted to know where the British obsession with pies, cakes and idioms all sprang from?  With this free guide you can learn it all and share it with your friends, so you really can have your proverbial cake and eat it!  

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When lexicography goes long

What is the longest word in the dictionary? The key to clear English is usually to use the shortest, simplest, most common words to say what you want to say, and complexity is the enemy of clarity.  Yet there are some

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JSTOR: a guided journey

Good news for all our budding Arts and Humanities scholars!  JSTOR have just produced a series of subject guides to help you get the most from their resources, including: Books Art & Art History resources Language & Literature resources Political Science resources Education

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Oxford Dictionaries word of the Year 2015… is an emoji!

Oxford Dictionaries announced the ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji as their Word of the Year 2015.  You can find out why, see the shortlisted words which didn’t quite make the cut, and watch their “Emojis in real life” video on the Oxford

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Words of the Year

Book lovers, scrabble enthusiasts, crossword addicts and linguaphiles everywhere often love a new word.  One dictionary has a new top ten list here: http://www.collinsdictionary.com/word-lovers-blog/new/top-10-collins-words-of-the-year,259,HCB.html and although some of the words aren’t new, they’ve either been given a new meaning or

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Boldy to go…

I thought about splitting the infinitive in best Star Trek style, really I did, but pedant that I am I just could not bring myself to go there.  Just a few decades ago that last sentence would have made no

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