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The world wide web is 30 today!

Before 1989, computers were rarely networked and no world wide web of computers existed to share information via websites.  The internet has existed since the 1970s, hosting messaging boards and other such protocols, now largely reneged to the dark net,

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EBSCO no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 or 9

If you are using an older version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, please be aware that at least one of our biggest electronic resource suppliers EBSCO, have now ceased to support IE 8 and 9 on security grounds.  Browser versions currently

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Looking at the web through a new lens: Google Lens

Have you come across Google Lens yet?  It’s Google’s attempt to identify and offer information about what is in a photograph you take.  Useful if you are trying to identify famous landmarks, brutally effective for cheating with both hands in the pictures round of a pub

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Fast and free

In the past you told us that, “Sometimes there are areas where the Internet is very slow.”  Working with Information Services, our wireless network speed and capacity has been increased many times even since the last academic year to allow

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Web Proxy access not working for some clients (resolved)

Problems have been reported by some clients when trying to access electronic resources through the Web Proxy.  If you are having problems only with specific resources, please get in touch with the Library.  If you are unable to access anything,

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Gold plating Chrome

Chrome is now by far the most popular browser (W3 Schools, 2015) and it has some really useful features and featured apps that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store to make it even more useful.  Here are a few

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Expected service disruption due to firewall upgrade – 0900-1600 on Saturday, 17 January

An essential firewall upgrade taking place this coming Saturday, 17 January means University IT systems will be unavailable between 9-12 am.  Systems may be available intermittently and will be running at risk from midday until normal service resumes at 4pm.

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Combatting Piracy

Today new internet anti-piracy measures have been announced. This writer was, in a previous job, involved in policing some of the darker corners of the Internet. One thing I learned was how easily the authorities can find out what you’ve

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The Web is 25 Today

Today is the 25th anniversary of Sir Tim Berners-Lee submitting a paper entitled “Information Management: A Proposal” which  served as the basis for what we all now know as the World Wide Web.  But in the early ’90s, the early

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Arthur C. Clarke predicting the future

Many thanks for sending in this rather intriguing interview with Arthur C. Clarke from the 70s which is remarkably prescient: http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2013/03/tech-time-warp-arthur-c-clarke/

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