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23+ wellbeing things. No. 18 – Break the monotony with a new hobby

If life is beginning to feel increasingly ‘samey’, it might be time to switch things up and learn something new.  Of course, you might feel that you are reeling from too much change already, and that is also fine.  In

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23+ wellbeing things. No. 6 – Low(er) tech diversions for one

You can only sit for just so long at a computer before you want to get up and do something else.  Here are a few random sources of inspiration for entertaining yourself, with or without the aid of technology. Low

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Sweatshop returns

If you have been following the Library blog for a long time or have been browsing our back archive of posts, you might have come across this old gem about the controversial mobile game Sweatshop, which explores the exploitation in

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All the fun of the pier

Some people just have to see the lighter side of business.  Or perhaps they just cannot resist having fun with magnets.  Tim Hunkin is one such man.  Discover his Under The Pier Show coin-operated arcade game, developed in response to

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From “Pokemon Go” to “Parasite Hunt”

If you are an avid collector of Pokemon, or indeed just have a passing familiarity with Pokemon Go, you may be interested in how the game concept has been used by a university in Thailand to teach children in rural communities about the

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PokemonGo comes to campus

The University Library is a PokemonGo gym – yours to join, collect the resident digital pets, battle and defend! PokemonGo has gripped the headlines over the past few weeks but what has just started to emerge are the hidden dangers it poses for

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Homage to Pong

Do you enjoy computer games?  Before The Witcher and Dark Souls series, before even Sonic the Hedgehog and Golden Axe, came Pong, a deceptively simple game of virtual table tennis from Atari that in 1972 was the first ever computer arcade game.  

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A puzzling website

A website for those lazy summer days. Neither the University nor I can accept responsibility for any cases of addiction this website may cause: http://thejigsawpuzzles.com Photo by Electric-Eye

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Creative Arts Book of the Week, 08/02/16

I’ve just rushed over to Eldon to staff the Library ‘pop-up’ in the Blank Canvas – Lizzie and I have been helping out the Academic Skills team by answering some of the many referencing enquiries they’ve been getting.  Anyway, I’ve

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School’s out for Christmas science fun!

Sci-Tech takes on Christmas: check out the updated Sci-Tech School’s Out Pinterest board for Christmas themed science and technology activities.  Bring out the kid in you and enjoy new fun ideas for all the family. Merry Christmas from your Science and Technology Library Faculty Teams!

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