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Charity Shopping: Second Hand Citizens

Welcome to Fashion Revolution Week! Don’t miss the exciting free public lecture (and panel discussion) this Thursday on how Covid-19 is changing the face of charity shops, Thursday 22 April, 6.00-7.30 pm. While charity shops may get ‘ransacked’ by style-hungry

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Trial Access to Harper’s Bazaar

We have set up a trial of this amazing resource which gives you full text access to the archive of the UK (1930-2015) and US (1867 to present) editions of Harper’s Bazaar magazines. A fully searchable and browsable resource recording

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Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts

This visually inspiring resource comprises 170 ebooks relating to fashion and textiles, design and illustration, photography, film and media, architecture and interiors and marketing and advertising. You can search by keyword or browse key topics in each of the subject

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Fashion revolution week

Fashion Revolution campaigns for ethical garment production and workers rights, demanding supply chain transparency in the clothing industry. Fashion Revolution Week runs in the last week of April to commemorate the Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013.  Find out more

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Sweatshop returns

If you have been following the Library blog for a long time or have been browsing our back archive of posts, you might have come across this old gem about the controversial mobile game Sweatshop, which explores the exploitation in

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eLexicons for Fashion and Graphic Arts

Graphic Design and Illustration students may be familiar with the eLexicons resource, but a new Fashion lexicon has just been added. eLexicons, provides reliable and contextualized learning resources for the visual arts, including Fashion, Textile Design, Typography, Graphic Design, Graphic Art,

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Free trial to leading fashion title Selvedge Magazine

We are pleased to offer a free trial to Selvedge Magazine until Wednesday, 22 March 2017.  This is an entertaining magazine for anyone interested in visual culture but is likely to be of particular interest to fashion students. Click here to browse Selvedge

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Penguins keeping out the cold

If you are reading this you are probably young and looking to the future, although it is unlikely you are planning your twilight years just yet.  It is however worth taking heart from the evidence that even the oldest people

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Graduation traditions (briefly) explained

Graduation ceremonies at modern universities have simpler graduation ceremonies than the oldest universities but some traditions such as donning gowns and mortar boards remain, even if some universities are banning the more modern tradition of throwing mortar boards into the air for health and safety

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 23 May 2016

There are lots of lovely new books coming into the library at the moment but Brent Luvaas’ Street Style: An ethnography of fashion blogging seemed an appropriate choice. If you’re reading this at home, you’ll be pleased to know that

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