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Happy Trans Awareness Day?

Monday 31 March was Trans Awareness Day. It celebrates the existence, resilience and success of the trans and gender non-conforming community and aims to raise awareness of trans rights, or more often their absence, around the world.  We also all need

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Diversity and the myth of meritocracy

Following on from the white privilege and heterosexual privilege questionnaires in my last LGBTQ+ History Month blog post (find them here if you haven’t taken them yet – they are really quick and I promise you will find the results

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LGBTQ history is more than just a history of middle-aged white gay men

Since 2015 there has arisen a united campaign against discrimination in the UK that began with the Black Lives Matter movement and has since expanded to include the prejudice and discrimination faced by all those who span different groups that

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Why have an LGBTQ+ History Month?

Throughout history, to one extent or another, there has been an ongoing fundamental misunderstanding of discrimination against those who are not exclusively attracted to the opposite sex, and against those who do not entirely identify with their anatomical birth gender,

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Discover Black History in the US one historic document at a time

Discover the slow but inexorable march to freedom for black people in the United States from the slavery abolition movement of the 1790s to the civil rights movements of the 1970s and on into the modern era in the Black

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The subtle influence of privilege

It is very difficult to know when you have a privileged place in society; it is much easier to notice privilege for those who live without it.  All a privileged person is aware of is how hard life is, how

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