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It’s never too late to ask!

Deadlines closing in? Your library can still help! Whether you are looking to pin down a source for those last elusive facts you need to qualify in your dissertation or referencing is taking over your life, your friendly library team

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Christmas (opening times) are coming!

From Saturday 12 December until 3 January, the Library will be operating shorter Christmas vacation opening hours. We will not be open every day over the Christmas period and when we are open, it will be for shorter hours. Things

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Working on something over the summer? We’re still here to help!

Whether you are ploughing through your dissertation, working on a deferred assessment or having a second run at something that didn’t go to plan the first time, don’t forget that your friendly library team are here to help. If you

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Have a one-to-one video chat with your Faculty Librarian

As the age-old adage has it, “there is more than one way to skin a cat”, though why you would want to is another matter entirely.  More to the point, there are also many ways to get a helping hand

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Answers to all your frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of all the most frequently asked questions we receive and made the answers available to everyone online.  Click on the Key issues FAQ box towards the bottom of the library homepage and you will be

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Library staff are still here to help you

The Library building may have closed, but our staff are all here to offer you the same support online that you would expect at the Library help desk.  We can help with finding the information, market data, ebooks and journal

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Help and support are always available

You can stop by any Library Help Desk 9am – 9pm Monday-Friday and get help from a professional librarian with finding information for assignments, improving your searches, and referencing things accurately. Library and IT help are always available 24/7 via

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More ways than ever to get referencing help

There are more ways to get help than ever before with referencing, from expert trouble-shooting of complex examples to setting out general principles.  We can’t proof-read your work or referencing, but we can help with just about everything else. You

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Getting started, getting on or getting stuck? Chat to us!

It’s good to talk, as the BT advert from before our students were born used to say.  You are not expected to be an expert on arrival at university, and all your new friends (those who want to get on

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Referencing pop-ups return to the Library Atrium

Starting on Monday 19 November, for two weeks referencing pop-ups will operate in the Library Atrium from 11-12 am, 2-3 pm and 4-5 pm, Mondays-Fridays.  Pop in with your referencing conundrums and our dedicated referencing service will be there to

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