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Christmas comes early

Christmas just came early, with these two new presents for History, Culture, Media and Creative Technology students: Bloomsbury Cultural History and Faculti.  Sadly, the Christmas tree has not come early, although we are having the twinkling lights used to decorate it

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From “Gin Lane” to World Gin Day

Tomorrow is World Gin Day.  Dubbed “mother’s ruin” in Victorian Britain, in a campaign that at one point saw people seriously recommending the “warming effects of beer” over the chill charms of the juniper-scented spirit.  Gin, like all alcoholic drinks, can

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The social meaning of hair: a photographic exploration

We are excited to be displaying a fascinating photography project on hairstyles by Pharmacy student Tinevimbo Mupfacha.  Our hair helps define us.  For millennia, civilisations around the world have styled their hair to express their individuality and personality.  This blog post

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AM Explorer: search history, culture and community archives

You can search everything from supplier Adam Matthew, including online archives ranging from Migration to New Worlds (including port conditions), African-American Communities, First World War, London Low Life, Empire Online, Popular Culture in Britain and America 1950-1975 and Mass Observation without seeing content from

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World Poetry Day

Since records began, poetry has formed part of our oral tradition, connecting ideas across continents, cultures, civilisations and generations.  World Poetry Day, seeks to recognise the power of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind and to

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Readbug magazines trial: explore style in style

Readbug offers unlimited access to a curated selection of the best magazines on the planet, including digital access to the current and archive issues of Dazed & confused, AnOther, SLEEK AnOther Man, Schon! and PAPER magazine, amongst others.   For the

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