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Free trial: Intellect art and architecture journals

We now have trial access to ten visual arts journals published by Intellect until 20th April 2017, all available here.  Click below for access to sample content from individual titles: Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education Craft Research Critical Studies in

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Creative Arts Book of the Week: Special Guest Reviewer: Cat Askew

French Art Deco, Jared Goss, London: Thames and Hudson, 2014. I was invited by Greta to select a book of my choice (from Creative & Cultural Industries) and as I’m about to pick a topic for my Dissertation I thought

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‘Yarn bomb’ makes it into the OED

How exciting, June’s new word list from the Oxford English Dictionary includes ‘Yarn bomb’. Does this mean that yarn bombing is no longer rebellious, under-ground and subversive, brightening an often grey and beige cityscape with a riot of colour and texture?

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 19/11/14

Last Saturday I went along to the Contemporary Makers Fair at Aspex Gallery, where I had my portrait machine embroidered by Emma Nicol a graduate of UoP’s fabulous Illustration course.  A bit of fun and a decoration for my new

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Worst Nativity Sets

If you haven’t put the Christmas decorations up yet then you might want to take inspiration from this wonderful collection of crib scene shockers. http://whyismarko.com/2011/27-worst-nativity-sets-the-annual-growing-list/ [Thanks to SB for pointing this out]  

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If you’ve ever played with Spirograph and wanted to explore what images you could generate, but didn’t have the patience to mess with the pins and wheels and cogs, here’s a solution: http://wordsmith.org/~anu/java/spirograph.html

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Ravelry is a fantastic site for knitters and crocheters. Sign up for free to be a member and you’ll have access to a fantastic resource containing hundreds of patterns, instructional videos and a very friendly forum. You’ll also find information on hundreds

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knitting nightmare

The blog, Anywho, I digress …, quite rightly identifies this ‘knitmare’. http://anywhoidigress.com/2010/08/04/knitmare/ I’m not entirely sure we should thank our contributor, G, for this, but if anyone else has any knitting nightmares to keep up awake in the small hours,

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I Will Knot

Would you like to know how to tie knots. Not just a simple double knot but a bowline or a two half-hitches. This website has step by step instructions for 12 types of knots, so we can now all confidently

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Monsters and Dragons…

Hallowe’en might’ve been last week, but it’s never too late to make your very own monster – and what’s more,  it’s fun! Go on, get your hands dirty. Click on the link below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhPs2m9zny4 and you’ll be churning out monsters

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