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Library desktop computers coming back online

While the UoP-Guest network remains the only wifi network available in the Library, we are hoping to make 200 networked computers available. This is only enough computers for a third of the students we can allow into the Library at

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Introducing ERP… not Wyatt, the other kind

Those of you interested in enterprise systems and how you might choose and manage the implementation of a large scale business information system might be interested in the comparatively recent arrival of enterprise resource planning or ERP systems. Designed to

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23+ wellbeing things. No. 18 – Break the monotony with a new hobby

If life is beginning to feel increasingly ‘samey’, it might be time to switch things up and learn something new.  Of course, you might feel that you are reeling from too much change already, and that is also fine.  In

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Borrow a laptop and work the way you want

You want to travel light, work flexibly and sit where there is space.  That’s why as well as logging on to any of our desktop PCs, you can borrow any one of over 400 full-sized, high power laptops with charging

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Introducing two new computing and robotics ebook collections

We are delighted to be able to add two new free ebook collections: Morgan and Claypool Synthesis Digital Library – everything you wanted to know about robotics NOW Computer Science eBooks – a wide variety of ebooks on everything from

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The world wide web is 30 today!

Before 1989, computers were rarely networked and no world wide web of computers existed to share information via websites.  The internet has existed since the 1970s, hosting messaging boards and other such protocols, now largely reneged to the dark net,

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Your computer awaits

Pull up at any PC (or iMac) or borrow laptops from any of the banks of grey lockers on the ground floor and plug it in for instant computing at a pace to suit you.  You can plug in and

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Giving you what you want

Judging from feedback in successive NSS surveys, those graduating each year seem to be telling us that after years of student led change building on your suggestions and working to solve challenges that we saw caused you difficulties, we have

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New student IT training courses

The DCQE Academic Skills Unit (ASK) and the Information Services IT Training Team are currently piloting free IT training for students over in St Andrews Court.  The first courses on offer will cover Google Drive and Microsoft Excel.  If you

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Open Access room PC refresh

We are updating the PCs in several of our computer rooms as part of the ongoing refurbishment programme that keeps all our facilities as reliable, fresh and powerful as you would expect from a leading library.

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