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Charity Shopping: Second Hand Citizens

Welcome to Fashion Revolution Week! Don’t miss the exciting free public lecture (and panel discussion) this Thursday on how Covid-19 is changing the face of charity shops, Thursday 22 April, 6.00-7.30 pm. While charity shops may get ‘ransacked’ by style-hungry

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Happy World Blood Donor Day!

Happy World Blood Donor Day!  14th June each year is when the world celebrates the altruistic actions of millions who donate blood to maintain badly needed reserves of blood and blood products, such as plasma.  Anyone who is injured, falls

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Former student launches Ugandan resource centre with second hand Library books

Since he left the University of Portsmouth Business School, Joseph Kahuma has been on a mission.  Returning to Uganda after 14 years in the UK, Joseph started a high education consultancy service firm inspired by two of his MBA projects that have

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Text Santa Christmas Jumper Day

Library staff are dressed up again – any excuse to dress up and raise funds for charity.  This time it is for the Text Santa Christmas Jumper Day and staff are wearing various designs of Christmas and winter jumpers and

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Tiaras, Tiffin, and Teamwork

There are many things library staff here are good at. Delivering excellent customer service, promoting information literacy, cataloging, public speaking, delivering training, organising stock, managing online information, singing our own praises, baking, dressing up, eating cake, raising money for charity… 

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Wear A Hat Day 2015

We have been celebrating Wear A Hat Day in the Library again this year, with various members of staff dressed up in a motley assortment of hats to raise funds and awareness as part of a national campaign for Brain Tumour Research.  This

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The travels of ME Foggy Dog

Imagine having an invisible debilitating illness, having no idea what caused it and having no prognosis?  Welcome to the world of M.E. Hands up who has heard of M.E?  Hands up who knows what it is? Sally Callow, who works

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We’re Feeling a Bit Blue

The library is at it again, any excuse to dress up… This time we are pleased to support “Blue Day”. This event has been held in Portsmouth since 2008 and is run in conjunction with Portsmouth Football Club and The

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We’re wearing our hats for #WearAHatDay

  #WearAHatDay is the UK’s largest and most famous national brain tumour awareness and fundraising campaign, created by Brain Tumour Research. They run #WearAHatDay as an awareness raising campaign throughout March, which is National Brain Tumour Awareness Month. As our

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World Blood Donor Day

Today the World Health Organisation is celebrating World Blood Donor Day to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood to help those in need of a transfusion: http://www.who.int/worldblooddonorday/en/ And here is the UK Blood Service site: http://blood.co.uk/

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