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Beautiful, Bookish, Beaulieu

Last Thursday, a band of adventurous staff set out by minibus (after only a short delay caused by being blocked in by a huge delivery lorry full of metal stuff) in the direction of the New Forest. Their destination? Beaulieu,

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City Symphonies

TOTD likes this front page to the Royal College of Art’s Design Interaction Show 2012. http://www.di12.rca.ac.uk/ Click on Mark McKeague to view City Symphonies. The designer has considered the synthesised sounds produced by electric cars and exlores an alternative approach

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Red Bull Home Run

TOTD is off on an outing tomorrow.  (At least the lucky ones are!) Here’s a link to the Red Bull page about the “Red Bull Home Run” event which is happening tomorrow…. http://www.redbull.co.uk/cs/Satellite/en_UK/Article/Home-Run-Show-Latest-021243131789992 It’s a celebration of the Red Bull

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Bloodhound Supersonic Car

This week, the man behind the car that broke the sound barrier will be delivering a talk at the University. Here’s a video of the Bloodhound Car in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DN4zgVh8_yc It’ll be interesting to see if this appears on a

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Life-size Hot Wheels car

TOTD lived on a steep road on a hill during childhood and friends would get together all the Hot Wheels track they could muster, lay it along the pavement and try to get there cars to go as fast as

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British Grand Prix

This weekend sees the Grand Prix circus arrive at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. You can see coverage on the BBC but if you want indepth news, information and up to the minute stats then check out www.formula1.com

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Flying cars

Have we really not covered flying cars before?  Let’s rectify that immediately: http://www.gizmowatch.com/entry/top-ten-flying-cars/ which includes some favourites from TOTD’s distant memories of youth. Are ‘everyday’ flying cars closer than ever or further off than ever?  Comments please!

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50 Weird and Crazy Cars

Last month we featured 50 of the strangest buildings in the world. This month we have 50 of the craziest cars you’re ever likely to see! http://villageofjoy.com/50-weird-and-crazy-cars/ I’m not sure all of them are road worthy (especially number 4!)

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