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Getting your hands on printed library stock at home

In my last post, I explained what you can do if you visit the library building. Since you will probably never want to do that, I wanted to outline how you can get all the same printed resources from the

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Getting started #1: Getting hold of printed books and other things from your library

A cheery hello to all those new students joining us! Welcome to the library blog – a smorgasbord of brief introductions, tips, tricks, news and advice designed to help make your time at university something you will look back fondly

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Ways your library is making home study easier

Did you know you can get scanned book chapters emailed to you and books posted to your home address? You can also pick up books you’ve requested at the same time as your B&W printing from the entrance area. Check

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Christmas (opening times) are coming!

From Saturday 12 December until 3 January, the Library will be operating shorter Christmas vacation opening hours. We will not be open every day over the Christmas period and when we are open, it will be for shorter hours. Things

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Returning books

A number of you have contacted us asking how you can return books having left Portsmouth. Please don’t worry! We hope to set up a freepost scheme to allow you to return books free of charge from wherever you are

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Temporary changes to support remote study

Temporary changes to borrowing and recalls Students can now borrow up to 30 books (increased from the usual 21) to make it easier for anyone who would like to study from home. We have also temporarily suspended the reservation and

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Changes to Library Fines and Recalls

From January 2020, we will be changing the way we recall books that have been reserved by someone else.  Any outstanding fines have been removed from your library account.  Your loans will continue to be automatically renewed unless someone else

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Holidays are coming, holidays are coming

Christmas opening times There’s not long to go until the festive season is upon us, so our opening times for the holidays are now available on the Library website. Our service hours for the Christmas Vacation change from Saturday 14th

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Open for you 24/7

The University Library is open 24/7 except during the summer vacation and over Christmas.  We open 24/7 because our previous students asked us to.  This does not mean that you should study at all hours!  We do not believe that

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Finding, borrowing, and returning books

The library can feel Tardis-like, seemingly bigger on the inside than it seemed when you first walked in. Many people find such a large library intimidating but it will soon come to feel cosy and familiar! These three short videos

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