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Citizen science reshapes cosmology

Life ends, sad but true.  It is the way every species rids itself of the spectre of catastrophic overpopulation in any species given to reproduce.  Not all do, and those that never have children tend to live for thousands of years,

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While we’ve been on leave, another issue of Fascination has been posted.  So if you want to read about bee blooms blossoming, a possible new vaccine for polio, or Cherenkov Telescope Array – or a host of other technology and

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Pluto in song

You can’t have missed the excitement about and stunning photos of Pluto with the New Horizons mission finally arriving at the orbit of the world. But we’ve particularly liked Tim Blais of A Capella Science’s ‘Outbound Probe’ which you can

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A Tuesday too long?

Did yesterday drag on a little long for you or did you get a (very) little more than you expected in the day?  If so, it is entirely coincidental that yesterday was a full second longer than usual. Time magazine

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Great view of the eclipse? Or was it eclipsed by cloud cover?

Sadly here at UoP there was no sign of the sun all morning (only for it to emerge at lunchtime… <sigh>), but there was excitement anyway. If you were disappointed by the weather this morning but are intrigued to explore

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Stellar View

This is a wonderful timelapse video from the International Space Station of stars in low orbit. Sit back and enjoy a stunningly beautiful ride around our planet! http://vimeo.com/38409143

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NASA on the Commons

We’ve previously featured NASA’s wonderful image archive here on TOTD. Now NASA has joined Flicker’s ‘The Commons’ scheme where institutions share photographs with no copyright restrictions. There are some wonderful images on here and they are all available for use

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2010 TK7

It was recently discovered that there is an asteroid that shares an orbit with Earth. Here is some information plus a short piece of animation about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_TK7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGmdSbtkFS0

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Total Lunar Eclipse

Yesterday evening saw a Total Lunar Eclipse that could be seen from Europe, Africa, Central Asia and Australia. Hopefully you were lucky enough to see it but if like me your view was obscured by cloud check out these views

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Milky Way Project

Yesterday saw the launch of the new Zooniverse site – The Milkway Project. This time you are invited to identify bubbles, star clusters, galaxies and ghostly red ‘fuzzy’ objects within the infrared data from the Spitzer Space Telescope imagery. http://www.milkywayproject.org/

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