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Penguins keeping out the cold

If you are reading this you are probably young and looking to the future, although it is unlikely you are planning your twilight years just yet.  It is however worth taking heart from the evidence that even the oldest people

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Second seagull nest discovered!

As some of you might have already concluded from the sounds of chicks calling for food from two separate locations on our roof that we have had two pairs of breeding gulls raising broods on our Sedum roof this year, although we

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Growing up big and strong

Watch out for the gull chick that is now so well fed it can turn its beak up at what is on offer!

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Not all urban gulls are after your chips

According to a recent study, urban gulls in St Ives were found to be foraging for food anywhere from farmland to the deep sea rather than loitering with intent outside chip shops and ice cream parlours waiting for tasty tidbits to

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Gull chick update

Our three gull chicks are drinking, bathing and looking happy, healthy and strong today. Make sure you follow their lead and drink plenty to stay hydrated in the warm weather.  Water fountains are available on the ground and second floors.

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Tiny sea bird takes its tern in the spotlight

The Arctic tern, a tiny sea bird, has made the longest known annual migration, flying from the Farne Islands in Northumberland to the Weddell Sea in Antarctica and back, covering an astonishing distance of over 96,000 km (59,650 miles) each year. The

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Driverless car design is learning from dung beetles

Driverless vehicles could benefit from a study in Sweden that discovered how dung beetles navigate by remembering a snapshots of the starlit sky they observe from atop their balls of dung.  Click here to discover how.   Photo by GmanViz

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Breeding gull pair return to the flat sedum roof

We are delighted to welcome back what we believe to be the same breeding pair of (herring) gulls, who are once again settling into their favourite nesting spot on our Sedum roof, which admittedly simulates a comfortable cliff ledge (the

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 04/06/2015

In a slight change to our usual routine, this week’s Creative Arts Book of the Week has been chosen and reviewed by Pablo, our friendly library penguin… Animals, by Camilla de la Bédoyère, is a beautiful new book of illustrations which

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Library seagull video goes global

Planet Bizzaro, the part of Brazil’s largest news portal, G1, dedicated to bringing the funny, strange and different to the world, reported on our video of one of the seagulls that hatched on our roof last year being surprised at its own reflection

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