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Creative Arts Book of the Week 13/04/15

20th Century Fashion: 100 Years of Apparel Ads by Jim Heimann (editor) and Alison A. Nieder (text) This week I chose a book on fashion; a subject I have not covered before.  During the 20th century, fashion evolved from being

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 23/01/15

This week I’ve selected A very British Revolution: 150 years of John Lewis by Jonathan Glancey from the new book shelf.  Although purchased by the School of Architecture, this title will be of interest to anyone studying the history of

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Tunnock’s Tea Cakes

You know what I mean, those chocolate covered marshmallow domes of loveliness!  And what’s got me thinking about these today?  Well when I arrived on the second floor of the library I was greeted by the new edition of Eye:

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Three little pigs advert

In a TOTD extra, we could helping thinking this is a brilliant advert: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/video/2012/feb/29/open-journalism-three-little-pigs-advert While it’s not TOTD’s place to endorse the Guardian in any way, we do wholeheartedly support the message of the advert – to get the ‘whole

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Cinema stunt

Not wishing to endorse any particular brand of lager, TOTD did enjoy this amusing piece of viral advertising that features a cinema full (almost) with mean looking bikers, plus some rather wary couples who are trying to get to the

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Thing of the Day extra: Robin Wight

Nearly a year ago to the day (2nd October), Thing of the Day posted an entry about the Zargonic Effect and an article we’d tried to write for Wikipedia: http://www.liblog.port.ac.uk/blog/2010/10/2304/ Still no luck in getting an article written, but as it

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The Zargonic Effect

Thursday’s post reminds TOTD of it’s little run-in with the wikipolice.  Not everything remains on the web once it’s posted.  Thursday reported on something pulled by those who’d created it, our encounter demonstrates that Wikipedia isn’t the free for all

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Food advertising v reality

How often have you felt that the food you have been served when eating out doesn’t quite live up to the photo shown on the advertising? Here are some fine examples of dreadful food presentation. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/gallery/2009/sep/22/food-advertising-v-reality?picture=353131463

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Extreem Sheep LED Art

What do you get if you wrap some gregarious woolly ruminants in blankets of light emitting diodes? Well Samsung teamed up with digital media and marketing company The Viral Factory to produce this excellent video that currently tops several viral video

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viral advertising

Thanks to the contributor who sent these in these examples of viral marketing which she says “certainly seem more engaging than UK party politicals!” http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq8Uc5BFogE http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1yq0tMYPDJQ Absolutely.

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