New Books – November 2021

The following is a list of new books received in the Library during November 2021 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

001 The freelance consultant : your comprehensive guide to Newton, Richard, 1964-
005.43 Practical virtualization for learners : from a personalLee, Okki
005.74 Database principles : fundamentals of design, implementCoronel, Carlos
070.4333 Information at war : journalism, disinformation, and moSeib, Philip M., 1949-
174.93613 Ethics and values in social work / Sarah BanksBanks, Sarah
297.809663 Routes migratoires et itinéraires religieux : des SénégBava, Sophie
302.231 The dark net / Jamie BartlettBartlett, Jamie
302.23430941 Fires were started : British cinema and Thatcherism / e
302.3 Max et Lili veulent être gentils / Dominique de Saint MSaint Mars, Dominique de
303.482 Readings in globalization : key concepts and major deba
303.4833 Alone together : why we expect more from technology andTurkle, Sherry
304.2 Atlas of the invisible : maps and graphics that will chCheshire, James
305.3 Crossing gender boundaries : fashion to create, disrupt
306.450999 The new Camelot : the quest for the overview effect / bWhite, Frank, 1944-
307.76 Implosions/explosions : towards a study of planetary ur
320.01 Decolonizing politics : an introduction / Robbie ShilliShilliam, Robbie, 1969-
320.3 Cases and concepts in comparative politics / Patrick H.O’Neil, Patrick H., 1966-
323.1196073 Confronting environmental racism : voices from the gras
330 EconomicsBegg, David K. H.
332 Money, banking, and financial marketsCecchetti, Stephen G. (Stephen Giovanni)
332.042 International finance : an analytical approach / Imad AMoosa, Imad A.
338.04095 Entrepreneurship in Asia : social enterprise, network a
340.1 Learning legal skills and reasoningHanson, Sharon
341.2422 The evolution of EU law / edited by Paul Craig and Graí
341.486 The refugee in international lawGoodwin-Gill, Guy S.
342.41 Public law : text, cases, and materialsLe Sueur, A. P. (Andrew P.)
342.41 Cases & materials on constitutional & administrative laThompson, Brian, 1955-
343.09944 Research handbook on governance of the Internet / edite
344.095 Law and the technologies of the twenty-first century : Brownsword, Roger
345.066 Eyewitness testimony / Elizabeth F. LoftusLoftus, Elizabeth F., 1944-
345.410268 Computer crimes and digital investigations / Ian WaldenWalden, Ian
345.73066 Eyewitness testimony / Elizabeth F. LoftusLoftus, Elizabeth F., 1944-
346.092 International investment law : text, cases and materialNadakavukaren Schefer, Krista
346.41048 Intellectual property law : text, cases, and materials Aplin, Tanya Frances, 1972-
348.7347 The bluebook : a uniform system of citation / compiled
355.009 Tools of war : instruments, ideas, and institutions of
362.1969792 The politics of popular representation : Reagan, ThatchMacKinnon, Kenneth, 1942-
362.19697920973 Let the record show : a political history of ACT UP NewSchulman, Sarah, 1958-
362.7670948 Collaborating against child abuse : exploring the Nordi
362.88 Victimology : the essentials / Leah E. DaigleDaigle, Leah E.
363.6909422323 Chatham historic dockyard : alive or mothballed / MarcuBinney, Marcus
363.70973 Confronting environmental racism : voices from the gras
364.01 Introducing criminological thinking : maps, theories, aHeidt, Jon
364.106 Organized crime / Howard AbadinskyAbadinsky, Howard, 1941-
364.168 Crimes of the Internet / edited by Frank Schmalleger, M
364.168 Introduction to cyber forensic psychology : understandi
364.360941 Youth justice : a critical introduction / Stephen CaseCase, Stephen
364.941 Crime and police effectiveness / by Ronald V. Clarke anClarke, R. V. G. (Ronald Victor Gemuseus), 19
370.721 Creative research methods in education : principles andKara, Helen
371.1024 Miss, I don’t give a sh, : engaging with challengingBates, Adele
371.334 The Cambridge handbook of multimedia learning / edited
371.9 Commonsense methods for children with special needs andWestwood, Peter S.
372.890942 History 5-11 : a guide for teachers / Hilary CooperCooper, Hilary, 1943-
381.456685506573 Ding dong! Avon calling! : the women and men of Avon PrManko, Katina
428 An introduction to English language : word, sound and sKuiper, Koenraad
428.13 My first book of the alphabet
428.24 English grammar in use book : a self-study reference anMurphy, Raymond
428.2421 Willkommen! : German beginner’s courseSchenke, Heiner
438.2421 Willkommen! : German beginner’s courseSchenke, Heiner
523.43 Discovering Mars : a history of observation and exploraSheehan, William, 1954-
523.44 Asteroids IV / edited by P. Michel, F. E. DeMeo, and W.
523.4922 The Pluto system after New Horizons / edited by S. Alan
523.986 Enceladus and the icy moons of Saturn / edited by Paul
530 Physics for global scientists and engineersSerway, Raymond A.
563 Cenozoic reef biofacies : Tertiary larger Foraminifera Frost, Stanley H.
576.839 Planetary astrobiology / edited by V. S. Meadows, G. N.
599.028 Where the animals go : tracking wildlife with technologCheshire, James
610.73 Evidence-based practice in nursing & healthcare : a guiMelnyk, Bernadette Mazurek
616.07 Pathophysiology : a clinical approach / Carie A. Braun,Braun, Carie Ann
616.1025 Advanced life support
616.890231 The physical care of people with mental health problems
616.890231 Physical healthcare and promotion in mental health nursMutsatsa, Stanley
623.8225094209031 Mary Rose manual : King Henry VIII’s warship 1510-45 owLavery, Brian
623.8225094209031 Tudor warship Mary Rose / Douglas McElvogueMcElvogue, Douglas
636.083 International transport of live fish in the ornamental
650.0711 The MBA handbook : academic and professional skills forCameron, Sheila
657 Accounting and finance for non-specialists / Peter AtriAtrill, Peter
658.0076 Roadmap to a successful PhD in business & management anDe Vita, G. (Glauco)
658.054678 The digital transformation of SMEs / Organisation for EOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and De
658.15 Fundamentals of corporate financeHillier, David
658.3 Human resource development : from theory into practice Sadler-Smith, Eugene
658.312404 Coaching for performance : the principles and practice Whitmore, John, 1937-2017
658.4092 The everyday leader : 14 Marine Corps traits to unlock Crockett, Hema
658.4092 The leader’s guide to resilience : how to use soft skilTang, Audrey
658.5 Principles of operations management : sustainability anHeizer, Jay
658.5 Operations and process management : principles and pracSlack, Nigel
658.8 Fundamentals of marketingBaines, Paul, 1973-
658.8 Strategic social marketing : for behaviour & social chaFrench, Jeff
670.285 CAD/CAM with Creo Parametric : step-by-step tutorial foDotchev, Krassimir
711.4 Spacematrix : space, density and urban form / Meta BergBerghauser Pont, Meta
720.103 X-ray architecture / Beatriz ColominaColomina, Beatriz
720.82 Gender and architecture / edited by Louise Durning and
725.82209941 Jørn Utzon and transcultural essentialism / Adrian CartCarter, Adrian, 1959-
740 Flexible visual systems : the design manual for contempLorenz, Martin
741.5944 Max et Lili veulent être gentils / Dominique de Saint MSaint Mars, Dominique de
741.5944 Max et Lili ont du mal à se concentrer / Dominique de SSaint-Mars, Dominique de
741.642 My first book of the alphabet
741.92 Fashion : design course / Steven FaermFaerm, Steven
745.4 The V&A sourcebook of pattern and ornament / Amelia CalCalver, Amelia
745.4 Hybrid heads : a decoding method to design open narratiDossi, Daniela
746.0439094215 Spitalfields silks
746.92 Glossy : the inside story of Vogue / Nina-Sophia MirallMiralles, Nina-Sophia
770.92 Kwame Brathwaite : black is beautiful / texts by Kwame
770.922 The new black vanguard : photography between art and faSargent, Antwaun
778.9240941 The extraordinary archive of Arthur J. Munby : photograEdge, Sarah
791.430941 Fires were started : British cinema and Thatcherism / e
791.436529957 Whitewashing the movies : Asian erasure and white subjeOh, David C.
791.4365878 Reframing cult Westerns : from The magnificent seven to
792.024 Sound design for the stage / Gareth FryFry, Gareth
792.60233 Strategies for success in musical theatre : a guide forMarshall, Herbert D.
794.8 Beyond the sea : navigating Bioshock / edited by Felan
809.3916 The history of gothic fiction / Markman EllisEllis, Markman
809.3916 Horror fiction : an introduction / Gina WiskerWisker, Gina, 1951-
820.9941609049 Northern Irish writing after the troubles : intimacies,Magennis, Caroline, 1982-
823.0872909 The history of gothic fiction / Markman EllisEllis, Markman
823.0873809 Horror fiction : an introduction / Gina WiskerWisker, Gina, 1951-
823.912 Lads of the Lothians / by Escott LynnLynn, Escott
901 What is history, now? : how the past and present speak
909.0971241 Exhibiting the empire : cultures of display and the Bri
951.249 Island fantasia : imagining subjects on the military frLin, Wei-Ping
978.02092 They called him Wild Bill : the life and adventures of Rosa, Joseph G. (Joseph George), 1932-

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