New eBooks – March 2020

What follows is a list of new ebooks received by the Library during March 2020 ordered by title. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Title Author
101 rules of thumb for low energy architecture / Huw He Heywood, Huw
101 rules of thumb for sustainable buildings and cities Heywood, Huw
A comics studies reader [electronic resource] / edited  
A companion to literature and film [electronic resource  
A Critical Guide to the SEND Code of Practice 0-25 Year Goepel, Janet
Accounting and Finance / Eddie McLaney and Peter Atrill McLaney, Eddie
Accounting for Alcohol : An Accounting History of Brewi  
Activism and women’s NGOs in Turkey : civil society, fe Keysan, Asuman O¨zgu¨r
Adaptation studies [electronic resource] : new approach  
Advancing medical practice through technology : applica  
Advancing medicine through nanotechnology and nanomecha Talukdar, Keka
Algerians without borders [electronic resource] : the m Christelow, Allan, 1947-
Ambulance care essentials / Richard Pilbery and Kris Le Pilbery, Richard
Ambulance care practice / Richard Pilbery and Kris Leth Pilbery, Richard
American Guy : masculinity in American law and literatu  
An essay on comedy and the uses of the comic spirit / b Meredith, George, 1828-1909
An informal introduction to stochastic calculus with ap Calin, Ovidiu
Anxiety is really strange / Steve Haines ; art by Sophi Haines, Steve
Aquatic food webs [electronic resource] : an ecosystem  
Art and architecture : a place between / Jane Rendell Rendell, Jane, 1967-
Augmented human : how technology is shaping the new rea Papagiannis, Helen
Austerity as public mood : social anxieties and social Forkert, Kirsten
Authenticity in materials development for language lear  
Authorship : from Plato to the postmodern : a reader / Burke, Sean, 1961-
Behavioural Macroeconomics : Theory and Policy / Paul d De Grauwe, Paul
Bestsellers [electronic resource] : popular fiction sin Bloom, Clive
Big Data Demystified : how to use big data, data scienc Stephenson, David
Bloom : from food to fuel, the epic story of how algae Kassinger, Ruth
Borrowed from Your Grandchildren : The Evolution of 100 Jaffe, Dennis T.
Boys And Girls Forever [electronic resource] / Alison L Lurie, Alison
Brilliant employability skills : how to stand out from Trought, Frances
Brilliant graduate career handbook / Judith Done and Ra Done, Judith
Building with reclaimed components and materials [elect Addis, William, 1949-
Business ethics in Islam / Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri Qa¯dri¯, HŽusain MuhŽi¯uddi¯n
Cambridge handbook of psychology, health and medicine [  
Campbell essential biology / Eric J. Simon, Jean L. Dic Simon, Eric J.
Cats in Australia : companion and killer / John C. Z. W Woinarski, John C. Z.
Causing psychiatric and emotional harm [electronic reso Teff, Harvey
Celebrating the marvellous : surrealism in architecture  
Cheap street : London’s street markets and the cultures Kelley, Victoria
Children’s geographies [electronic resource] : playing,  
Cinema and the swastika [electronic resource] : the int  
Civil society in Algeria : activism, identity and the d Northey, Jessica Ayesha
Clinical problem solving in periodontology & implantolo  
Coastal hydrogeology [electronic resource] / Jimmy Jiao Jiao, Jimmy
Comedy / Andrew Stott Stott, Andrew McConnell, 1969-
Comic books and American cultural history : an antholog  
Community ecology / Gary G. Mittelbach, Brian J. McGill Mittelbach, Gary G.
Comparative international accounting / Christopher Nobe  
Competing in the age of AI : strategy and leadership wh Iansiti, Marco, 1961-
Conducting your literature review / Susanne Hempel Hempel, Susanne
Connecting People, Place and Design / by Angelique Edmo Edmonds, Angelique
Construction detailing for landscape and garden design Hensey, Paul
Construction detailing for landscape and garden design Hensey, Paul
Construction manual for polymers + membranes : material  
Controlling corruption / Robert Klitgaard Klitgaard, Robert E.
Convergence culture : where old and new media collide / Jenkins, Henry, 1958-
Copyright : interpreting the law for libraries, archive Cornish, Graham P.
Cowboy classics : the roots of the American Western in Day, Kirsten, 1969-
Crafting anatomies : archives, dialogues, fabrications  
Crime and punishment in England [electronic resource] : Barrett, Andrew
Crime news in modern Britain : press reporting and resp Rowbotham, Judith
Crime, shame, and reintegration [electronic resource] / Braithwaite, John
Crimes of the powerful : an introduction / Dawn L. Roth Rothe, Dawn, 1961-
Criminology : the basics / Sandra Walklate Walklate, Sandra
Critical approaches to comics [electronic resource] : t  
Critical happiness studies / edited by Nicholas Hill, S  
Critical practice / Catherine Belsey Belsey, Catherine
Data mining for business analytics : concepts, techniqu Shmueli, Galit, 1971-
Data science / John D. Kelleher and Brendan Tierney Kelleher, John D., 1974-
Democracy without journalism? : confronting the misinfo Pickard, Victor W.
Democratization : a critical introduction / Jean Grugel Grugel, Jean
Design and development of training games [electronic re  
Destination marketing : essentials / Steven Pike Pike, Steven
Developing learning environments [electronic resource]  
Digital research methods in fashion and textile studies Sikarskie, Amanda Grace, 1982-
Digital social research / Giuseppe A. Veltri Veltri, Giuseppe A.
Disasters and social resilience : a bioecological appro Boon, Helen J.
Disruption in the audit market : the future of the big Bhaskar, Krish N., 1945-
Dissertations and project reports : a step by step guid Cottrell, Stella
Dissertations and theses from start to finish : psychol Bell, Debora
Distributed Blackness : African American Cybercultures Brock, Andre´
Doing time [electronic resource] : an introduction to t Matthews, Roger, 1948-
Domestic violence and criminal justice / Nicola Groves Groves, Nicola
Economics and Land Use Planning / A.J. Harrison Harrison, A. J.
Economics for people and the planet : inequality in the Boyce, James K.
Education, disordered eating and obesity discourse [ele  
Effective investigation of child homicide and suspiciou Marshall, David
Elgar business collection 2020  
Elgar economics collection 2020  
Emerald business, management and economics ebook series  
Encountering Nazi tourism sites / Derek Dalton Dalton, Derek
English phonetics and phonology : an introduction / Phi Carr, Philip, 1953-
Essential microbiology for dentistry / Lakshman Samaran Samaranayake, Lakshman
Essentials of oral histology and embryology : a clinica Chiego, Daniel J., Jr.
Essentials of performance analysis of sport / edited by  
Excel data analysis for dummies / by Paul McFedries McFedries, Paul
Excellent dissertations! [electronic resource] / Peter Levin, Peter, 1936-
Expressionism in the cinema / edited by Olaf Brill and  
Fair trade [electronic resource] : market-driven ethica Nicholls, Alex
Far right parties and Euroscepticism : patterns of oppo Vasilopoulou, Sofia
Fashion and materialism / Ulrich Lehmann Lehmann, Ulrich
Fashion and materiality : cultural practices in global  
Fashion journalism / Julie Bradford Bradford, Julie
Fashionopolis : the price of fast fashion & the future Thomas, Dana
Fiction and imagination in early cinema : a philosophic Slugan, Mario, 1983-
Financial Accounting and Reporting / Barry Elliott and Elliott, Barry
Folding techniques for designers [electronic resource] Jackson, Paul
For fun and profit : a history of the free and open sou Tozzi, Christopher J., 1986-
Forgiveness is really strange / Masi Noor & Marina Cant Noor, Masi
Form follows fun : modernism and modernity in British p Peter, Bruce
Frank Wood’s business accounting. [electronic resource Sangster, Alan
Freddie Ramos adds it all up / Jacqueline Jules ; illus Jules, Jacqueline, 1956-
Free : the future of a radical price / Chris Anderson Anderson, Chris
French foreign policy since 1945 : an introduction / Fr Bozo, Fre´de´ric
Freshwater ecology [electronic resource] : a scientific Closs, Gerry
Freud And Psychoanalysis / Nick Rennison Rennison, Nick
From Brown to Bunter : the life and death of the school Musgrave, P. W. (Peter William)
Fundamental rights in the EU : a matter for two courts  
Fundamentals of data visualization : a primer on making Wilke, C. (Claus)
Fundamentals of Islamic finance and banking / Syeda Fah Habib, Syeda Fahmida
Future journalism : where we are and where we’re going Greenwood, Sue
Gender norms and intersectionality : connecting race, c Wilchins, Riki Anne, 1952-
Getting gamers : the psychology of video games and thei Madigan, Jamie
Glass structures [electronic resource] : design and con Wurm, Jan
Globalization and militarism : feminists make the link Enloe, Cynthia H., 1938-
Good times, bad times : the welfare myth of them and us Hills, John
‘Grease is the word’ : exploring a cultural phenomenon  
Great Debates in Criminology / by Chad Posick and Micha Posick, Chad
Handbook of pediatric dentistry / edited by Angus C. Ca  
Hands-on machine learning for algorithmic trading : des Jansen, Stefan
HBR guide to making better decisions / Harvard Business  
Health and hygiene in Chinese East Asia [electronic res  
Healthcare simulation education : evidence, theory & pr  
Heidegger on technology / / dited by Aaron James Wendla  
Heritage film [electronic resource] : nation, genre and Vidal Villasur, Bele´n
Higher and colder : a history of extreme physiology and Heggie, Vanessa
History and clinical examination at a glance [electroni Gleadle, Jonathan
Hollywood incoherent [electronic resource] : narration Berliner, Todd, 1964-
How I paid for college : a novel of sex, theft, friends Acito, Marc, 1966-
How the brain works / by Mark Wm. Dubin Dubin, Mark Wm
How to see the world [electronic resource] / Nicholas M Mirzoeff, Nicholas, 1962-
How to sell your art online [electronic resource] : liv Huff, Cory, 1980-
How to write a lot : a practical guide to productive ac Silvia, Paul J., 1976-
Human capital management standards : a complete guide / Wong, Wilson, 1965-
Human factors in healthcare Rosenorn-Lanng, Debbie
Hydroecology and ecohydrology [electronic resource] : p  
Images Ageing : Cultural Representations of Later Life  
Imagination in the Western psyche : from ancient Greece Erickson, Jonathan, 1949-
Imperial twilight : the Opium War and the End of China’ Platt, Stephen R.
Implementing patient safety : addressing culture, condi Woodward, Suzette
In the world interior of capital : towards a philosophi Sloterdijk, Peter, 1947-
Industrial environmental management : engineering, scie Das, Tapas K
Innovation project management : methods, case studies, Kerzner, Harold
Inside criminal networks [electronic resource] / Carlo Morselli, Carlo, 1969-
Internal colonization [electronic resource] : Russia’s Etkind, Alexander
International economics : theory & policy / Paul R. Kru Krugman, Paul R.
Introducing the creative industries [electronic resourc Davies, Rosamund
Introduction to dental materials / Richard van Noort ; Noort, Richard van
Investigative computer forensics [electronic resource] Laykin, Erik
Investigative journalism : a survival guide / David Lei Leigh, David
Islamic finance in Europe : a cross analysis of 10 Euro  
J.G. Ballard’s surrealist imagination : spectacular aut Baxter, Jeannette
Journalistic authority : legitimating news in the digit Carlson, Matt, 1977-
Language and online identities [electronic resource] : Grant, Tim
Learn algorithmic trading : build and deploy algorithmi Donadio, Sebastien Sourav Ghosh
Legal aspects of general dental practice / Len D’Cruz ; D’Cruz, Len T.
Living architecture [electronic resource] : green roofs Hopkins, Graeme
MakeoverMonday : improving how we visualize and analyze Kriebel, Andy
Making health policy [electronic resource] / Kent Buse, Buse, Kent
Managing change in organizations / Colin Carnall and Ru Carnall, C. A. (Colin A.)
Manufacturing happy citizens : how the science and indu Cabanas, Edgar
Marginalized voices in music education / edited by Bren  
Marketing communications : touchpoints, sharing and dis Fill, Chris
Marketing research : an applied orientation / Naresh K. Malhotra, Naresh K.
Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning, 7th Edi Hooley, Graham
Marxism and education : international perspectives on t  
Masculinities in American western films : a hyper-linea Hamilton, Emma, 1986-
Masculinities in literature of the American West / Lydi Cooper, Lydia R., 1980-
Material design [electronic resource] : informing archi Schro¨pfer, Thomas
Media and democracy in Africa / Goran Hyden, Michael Le  
Media control : news as an institution of power and soc Gutsche, Robert E., 1980-
Medical statistics from scratch : an introduction for h Bowers, David, 1938-
Men, masculinities and honour-based abuse [electronic r  
Mergers and acquisitions : a practitioner’s guide to su  
Migration and inequality / Mirna Safi Safi, Mirna
Modern methods of valuation / Eric Shapiro, David Mackm Shapiro, Eric F.
More critical approaches to comics : theories and metho  
Morphology of the folktale / by V. Propp ; translated b Propp, V. IìA (Vladimir IìAkovlevich), 1895-1
My first booke of my life / Alice Thornton ; edited by Thornton, Alice
New technologies for advancing healthcare and clinical  
Nuke 101 [electronic resource] : professional compositi Ganbar, Ron
Nurturing personal, social and emotional development in Garvey, Debbie
On photography [electronic resource] / Susan Sontag Sontag, Susan, 1933-2004
Oral anatomy, embryology and histology / B. K. B. Berko Berkovitz, B. K. B.
Oral and maxillofacial medicine : the basis of diagnosi Scully, Crispian
Oxford handbook of medical dermatology / Susan Burge, R Burge, Susan
Oxford Handbooks Online Music 2019  
Parents and caregivers across cultures : positive devel  
Peak performance under pressure : lessons from a helico Hearns, Stephen
Performance analysis of sport IX / edited by Derek Pete  
Personal & professional development for business studen Dowson, Paul
Perspectives on travel writing  
Photography : a critical introduction / edited by Liz W  
Planetary geology [electronic resource] : an introducti Vita-Finzi, Claudio
Policing and mental health [electronic resource] : theo  
Political theory : a beginner’s guide / Pete Woodcock Woodcock, Pete
Potential history : unlearning imperialism / Ariella Ai Azoulay, Ariella Aisha
Prediction machines : the simple economics of artificia Agrawal, Ajay
Principles of marketing [electronic resource] Kotler, Philip
Private life and privacy in Nazi Germany [electronic re  
Project management / Harvey Maylor Maylor, Harvey
Project management [electronic resource] : a systems ap Kerzner, Harold
Project management, planning and control : managing eng Lester, Albert
Property crime in London, 1850-present [electronic reso Meier, William M., 1980-
Protest! : a history of social and political protest gr McQuiston, Liz
Public relations and participatory culture : fandom, so  
Public sector economics / Richard W. Tresch Tresch, Richard W.
Quantitative methods for business, management & finance Swift, Louise
Questions and answers for dental nurses [electronic res Hollins, Carole
Race in post-racial Europe : an intersectional analysis Boulila, Stefanie C.
Reactionary Modernism [electronic resource] : Technolo Herf.
Reading comics : language, culture, and the concept of Bongco, Mila
Reading Harry Potter [electronic resource] : critical e  
Reality is broken [electronic resource] : why games mak McGonigal, Jane
Reconstructing American historical cinema [electronic r Smyth, J. E., 1977-
Reporting Qualitative Research in Psychology : How to M Levitt, Heidi M.
Reporting Quantitative Research in Psychology : How to Cooper, Harris M.
Research methods for leisure and tourism / A. J. Veal Veal, Anthony James
Researching Discourse : a student guide / Christopher H Hart, Christopher
Researching with integrity [electronic resource] : the Macfarlane, Bruce, 1961-
Resistance through rituals [electronic resource] : yout  
Restorative justice and violence against women [electro  
Retail isn’t dead : innovative strategies for brick and Spanke, Matthias
Rethinking patient safety / Suzette Woodward Woodward, Suzette
Rethinking public strategy / Sean Lusk and Nick Birks Lusk, Sean
River restoration [electronic resource] : managing the  
Routledge handbook of applied sport psychology [electro  
Routledge international handbook of contemporary racism  
Routledge philosophy guidebook to Rorty and the mirror Tartaglia, James, 1973-
Satellite communications systems : systems, techniques Maral, Gerard
Science and application of high-intensity interval trai  
Scroungers : moral panics and media myths / James Morri Morrison, James
Self-regulation in health behavior [electronic resource  
Social Movements, Cultural Memory and Digital Media : M  
Sociology of Health Promotion : Critical Analyses of Co  
Socrates tenured : the institutions of twenty-first-cen Frodeman, Robert
Software Engineering at Google : Lessons Learned from P Winters, Titus
Sonic virtuality : sound as emergent perception / Mark Grimshaw, Mark, 1963-
Southern History on Screen : Race and Rights, 1976-2016  
Spaces of governmentality : autonomous migration and th Tazzioli, Martina
Spatial practices : modes of action and engagement with  
Sponsorship in marketing [electronic resource] : effect Cornwell, T. Bettina
Statistical models [electronic resource] / A.C. Davison Davison, A. C. (Anthony Christopher)
Steel : a design, cultural, and ecological history / To Fry, Tony
Stitching the self : identity and the needle arts / edi  
Strategic leadership in the public sector / Paul Joyce Joyce, Paul, 1952-
Strategic management and organisational dynamics : the Stacey, Ralph D.
Stress and work : perspectives on understanding and man  
Subtitling African American English into French : can w Me´vel, Pierre-Alexis
Superbugs : the race to stop an epidemic / Matt McCarth McCarthy, Matthew
Supporting People Living with Dementia in Black, Asian  
Taxation : finance Act 2019 / Alan Melville Melville, Alan
Teaching and learning at a distance : foundations of di  
Teaching computing : a practitioner’s perspective / Hen Walker, Henry M., 1947-
Tensile architecture / Philip Drew Drew, Philip, 1943-
The 1960s home / Paul Evans Evans, Paul, 1937-
The atlas of Mars [electronic resource] : mapping its g Coles, Kenneth S., 1957-
The a-z of visual ideas and how to make them work : how Ingledew, John
The beauty myth [electronic resource] : how images of b Wolf, Naomi
The biology of freshwater wetlands [electronic resource Valk, Arnoud van der
The Bloomsbury introduction to popular fiction / edited  
The body in Hollywood slapstick / Alex Clayton Clayton, Alex
The Cambridge history of the graphic novel [electronic  
The child’s world : the essential guide to assessing vu  
The con men : a history of financial fraud and the less Gough, Leo
The critical reception of Hemingway’s The sun also rise Hays, Peter L., 1938-
The curatorial : a philosophy of curating / edited by J  
The digital divide / Jan van Dijk van Dijk, Jan
The discourse of news values : how news organizations c Bednarek, Monika, 1977-
The discourses of food in nineteenth-century British fi Cozzi, Annette, 1966-
The ethics of ordinary technology / Michel Puech Puech, Michel
The Future Leader : 9 Skills and Mindsets to Succeed in Morgan, Jacob
The global casino : an introduction to environmental is Middleton, Nick
The golden bough : a study in magic and religion / Jame Frazer, James George, 1854-1941
The growth of Islamic finance and banking : innovation,  
The human factor of cybercrime [electronic resource] /  
The innovation ultimatum : how six strategic technologi Brown, Steve
The language of leadership narratives : a social practi Clifton, Jonathan
The Making of a Police Officer : Comparative Perspectiv  
The management of luxury : an international guide / edi  
The Opium War, 1840-1842 : barbarians in the Celestial Fay, Peter Ward, 1924-
The Palgrave handbook of screen production / Craig Batt  
The persuaders : when lobbyists matter / Steve John John, Steve
The politics of anti-Westernism in Asia [electronic res Aydin, Cemil
The Populist Manifesto Eklundh, Emmy
The Problems with Teamwork, and How to Solve Them [elec Lantz Friedrich, Annika
The production manager’s toolkit : successful productio Gillet, Cary
The program : lessons from elite military units for cre Kapitulik, Eric
The pull of politics : Steinbeck, Wright, Hemingway and Cohen, Milton A.
The return of the Russian leviathan / Sergei Medvedev ; Medvedev, Sergei
The return to study handbook : study skills for mature, Burroughs, Chloe
The Routledge handbook of emergence / edited by Sophie  
The SAGE handbook of power [electronic resource] / edit  
The seven Cs of consulting : the definitive guide to th Cope, Mick
The Sophists / by W.K.C. Guthrie Guthrie, W. K. C. (William Keith Chambers), 1
The television genre book / edited by Glen Creeber ; as  
The value of the novel [electronic resource] / Peter Bo Boxall, Peter
The Victorian novel and masculinity / edited by Phillip  
The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of the psychology of coach  
Theorizing feminist ethics of care in early childhood p  
This is service design doing : applying service design  
Time and literature [electronic resource] / edited by T  
Timekeepers : how the world became obsessed with time / Garfield, Simon
To save everything, click here [electronic resource] : Morozov, Evgeny
Topographies of suffering : Buchenwald, Babi Yar, Lidic Rapson, Jessica
Toward the visualization of history [electronic resourc Moss, Mark Howard, 1962-
Transatlantic women’s literature [electronic resource] Macpherson, Heidi Slettedahl
Twenty-first-century popular fiction / edited by Bernic  
UN reform : 75 years of challenge and change / Stephen Browne, Stephen
Understanding luxury fashion : from emotions to brand b  
Understanding poverty [electronic resource] / edited by  
Understanding restorative justice [electronic resource] Wallis, Pete
Urban social sustainability : theory, practice and poli  
UXD and UCD Approaches for Accessible Education / Ricar Mendoza-Gonza´lez, Ricardo
Virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intel Anderson, Ange
War amongst the people : critical assessments / edited  
What is cultural sociology? / Lyn Spillman Spillman, Lyn
Why the conventional wisdom about the 2008 financial cr Mueller, Paul D.
Women, periodicals and print culture in Britain, 1830s-  
Women’s periodicals and print culture in Britain, 1690-  
Women’s periodicals and print culture in Britain, 1918-  
Work psychology in action / Anna Sutton Sutton, Anna

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