British Standards Online (BSOL) off campus registration problem

We have reached the maximum number of clients who are allowed to register for access to British Standards Online (BSOL) under our current license agreement.  We are investigating how much it will cost to increase the number of concurrent license holders.   For the time being, it will not be possible to register to use BSOL away from the University campus.


You can access BSOL and many other resources as if you were working on a campus based computer by setting up the VPN on your computer.  Where this is not possible, you can change your browser settings to use the Web Proxy instead.  Full instructions for setting up both systems are available on MyPort.

Once you have set up the VPN or web proxy, simply choose “on campus” access from the catalogue record and you should be able to use the resource as normal, without having to register.

If you continue to have difficulty logging in using this workaround, please get in touch.