New Books – December 2017

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during December 2017 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
001.42 Designing and conducting mixed methods research / John Creswell, John W.
003.353 Learning SIMUL8 : the complete guide / by Jaret W. Haug Hauge, Jaret W.
005.133 Introduction to programming in Java : an interdisciplin Sedgewick, Robert, 1946-
005.55 SPSS survival manual : a step by step guide to data ana Pallant, Julie
005.8 Operational semantics and verification of security prot Cremers, Cas
005.8 Managing risk in information systems / Darril Gibson Gibson, Darril
005.8 Security strategies in Linux platforms and applications Jang, Michael H.
005.8 Security policies and implementation issues / Rob Johns Johnson, Rob (Robert)
005.8 Hacker techniques, tools, and incident handling / Sean- Oriyano, Sean-Philip
005.8 Security strategies in Windows platforms and applicatio Solomon, Michael (Michael G.), 1963-
006.32 Make your own neural network : a gentle journey through Rashid, Tariq
006.7 Rocket surgery made easy : the do-it-yourself guide to Krug, Steve
027.10941 The country house library / Mark Purcell Purcell, Mark
070.18 Open space new media documentary : a toolkit for theory Zimmermann, Patricia Rodden
152.4 Emotions and their influence on our personal, interpers  
155.332094270904 Masculinity, class and same-sex desire in industrial En Smith, Helen, 1981-
160 Critical thinking : your guide to effective argument, s Chatfield, Tom, 1980-
182 The Presocratic philosophers / Jonathan Barnes Barnes, Jonathan, 1942-
294.3437 Dancing with Dharma : essays on movement and dance in w  
300.15195 Statistics for the behavioral sciences / Susan A. Nolan Nolan, Susan A.
300.285555 SPSS survival manual : a step by step guide to data ana Pallant, Julie
300.721 Qualitative research for the social sciences / Marilyn Lichtman, Marilyn
300.722 Case study research and applications : design and metho Yin, Robert K.
301 Sociology / Anthony Giddens Giddens, Anthony
302.23 The screen media reader : culture, theory, practice / e  
302.2345 Personality presenters : television’s intermediaries wi Bonner, Frances
303.4830973 Utopia is creepy : and other provocations / Nicholas Ca Carr, Nicholas G., 1959-
303.4840941 Countering extremism in British schools? : the truth ab Holmwood, John, 1950-
303.49 A history of the future : prophets of progress from H. Bowler, Peter J.
305.231 Early childhood studies : a multidisciplinary approach Willan, Jenny
305.31 Toxic geek masculinity in media : sexism, trolling, and Salter, Anastasia, 1984-
305.3109 What is masculinity? : historical dynamics from antiqui  
305.4094436109044 Les Parisiennes : how the women of Paris lived, loved a Sebba, Anne
305.42094 Complicit sisters : gender and women’s issues across No Jong, Sara de
305.4209669 Women and the war on Boko Haram : wives, weapons, witne Matfess, Hilary
305.420973 Liberty’s daughters : the revolutionary experience of A Norton, Mary Beth
305.5620973 New working-class studies / edited by John Russo and Sh  
305.8 The matrix of race : social construction, intersectiona Coates, Rodney D.
305.891497 Gypsies and other itinerant groups : a socio-historical Lucassen, Leo, 1959-
305.891497041 The gypsy debate : can discourse control? / Joanna Rich Richardson, Joanna, 1972 June 5-
306 Fun! : what entertainment tells us about living a good McKee, Alan (Aspro Alan)
306.0942 A day at home in early modern England : material cultur Hamling, Tara
306.280941 Police socialisation, identity and culture : becoming b Charman, Sarah, 1972-
306.3 Consumption and everyday life / Mark W.D. Paterson Paterson, Mark, 1972-
306.874 Wise words : how Susan Isaacs changed parenting / Carol Vollans, Caroline
307.3416 De stadsenclave = The urban enclave / redactie/editors  
307.3416095195 01. – Seun Sangga ku‰ isang : taegyumo kyehoek no‰mo‰ /  
307.7640950904 East Asia modern : shaping the contemporary city / Pete Rowe, Peter G.
320.01 Biopolitics / Catherine Mills Mills, Catherine, 1972-
320.53309 Antifa : the anti-fascist handbook / Mark Bray Bray, Mark
320.54 Everyday nationhood : theorising culture, identity and  
320.5662 The rise of the outsiders : how mainstream politics los Richards, Steve, 1960-
320.6 The public policy primer : managing the policy process Wu, Xun
320.94 Frozen conflicts in Europe / Anton Bebler, ed  
320.94109049 Devolution and British politics / edited by Michael O’N  
323.119149704 When stereotype meets prejudice : antiziganism in Europ  
324.24107092 The candidate : Jeremy Corbyn’s improbable path to powe Nunns, Alex
324.27313 Political ideologies and political parties in America / Noel, Hans, 1971-
325.4 The irregularization of migration in contemporary Europ  
327.101 Foreign policy analysis : classic and contemporary theo Hudson, Valerie M., 1958-
327.172 Peacebuilding : the twenty years’ crisis, 1997-2017 / D Chandler, David, 1962-
327.470905 Russia against the rest : the post-Cold War crisis of w Sakwa, Richard
327.604 Why Europe intervenes in Africa : security, prestige an Gegout, Catherine, 1973-
330 Economics / N. Gregory Mankiw and Mark P. Taylor Mankiw, N. Gregory
330.122 The rise and fall of neoliberal capitalism / David M. K Kotz, David M. (David Michael), 1943-
330.126 Democracy and the welfare state : the two Wests in the  
330.94100112 The economics of Brexit : a cost-benefit analysis of th Whyman, Philip
342.41 Constitutional and administrative law Alder, John
342.41 Constitutional & administrative law / Hilaire Barnett Barnett, Hilaire
342.41 Law and administration / Carol Harlow, Richard Rawlings Harlow, Carol
342.4208774 Elderly client handbook  
344.4101 Employment law : an introduction / Stephen Taylor, Astr Taylor, Stephen, 1965-
345.0237 The international law of migrant smuggling / Anne T. Ga Gallagher, Anne T.
345.02551 Revisiting the law and governance of trafficking, force  
345.42 Smith, Hogan, and Ormerod’s text, cases, and materials Ormerod, D. C. (David C.), 1966-
346.41048 Intellectual property law : text, cases, and materials Aplin, Tanya Frances, 1972-
346.41048 Intellectual property law / David Bainbridge and Claire Bainbridge, David I.
346.41048 Intellectual property : concentrate / Tim Press Press, Tim
346.42064 The ICSA charity law and governance handbook / Cecile G Gillard, Cecile
346.4207 Introduction to business law / Lucy Jones Jones, Lucy
355.0217 Japan, South Korea, and the United States nuclear umbre Roehrig, Terence, 1955-
355.3310922 The mask of command : a study of generalship / John Kee Keegan, John, 1934-
361 Safeguarding adults in social work / edited by Andy Man  
361.32 The practice of generalist case management / Barbara J. Holt, Barbara J.
361.320941 Newly-qualified social workers : a practice guide to th  
361.74 Rethinking philanthropic effectiveness : lessons from a  
362.1 Lethal but legal : corporations, consumption, and prote Freudenberg, Nicholas
362.76 Child abuse : an evidence base for confident practice Corby, Brian
362.880941 Safeguarding adults in social work / edited by Andy Man  
362.883 Beyond blurred lines : rape culture in popular media / Phillips, Nickie D.
363.2072 Applied police research : challenges and opportunities  
363.25968 System forensics, investigation, and response / Chuck E Easttom, Chuck
363.25968 Cybercrime and digital forensics : an introduction / Th Holt, Thomas J., 1978-
363.289096 Private security in Africa : from the global assemblage  
363.3498 Humanitarianism, war, and politics : Solferino to Syria Hoffman, Peter J. (Peter Joshua), 1969-
364.1523083 Cries unheard : the story of Mary Bell / Gitta Sereny Sereny, Gitta
364.15230924 Portrait of a killer : Jack the Ripper, case closed / P Cornwell, Patricia
364.15230924 Justice for Jill : how the wrong man was jailed for the Lomax, S. C.
364.15230942 Cries unheard : the story of Mary Bell / Gitta Sereny Sereny, Gitta
364.162859 Situational prevention of poaching / edited by AM Lemie  
364.168 Cybercrime through an interdisciplinary lens / edited b  
364.168 Research agenda : the human factor in cybercrime and cy  
364.168 Cybercrime / Peter Grabosky, PhD, Australian National U Grabosky, Peter N., 1945-
364.168 Cybercrime in progress : theory and prevention of techn Holt, Thomas J., 1978-
364.22 Patterns, prevention, and geometry of crime / edited by  
364.254 Crime and the media / by Sarah E.H. Moore Moore, Sarah E. H., 1979-
364.941 An introduction to criminal justice / Jamie Harding, Pa  
364.941 Criminal justice : an introduction / Peter Joyce Joyce, Peter
370.1523 Experiential learning : experience as the source of lea Kolb, David A., 1939-
370.721 Achieving evidence informed policy and practice in educ Brown, Chris, 1975-
370.941 Miseducation : inequality, education and the working cl Reay, Diane
371.207 Networks for learning : effective collaboration for tea  
371.334574 Big Data in Education : The Digital Future of Learning, Williamson, Ben
372.11024 Young children’s behaviour : guidance approaches for ea Porter, Louise, 1958-
372.21 An introduction to early childhood studies  
372.21 Young children’s play and creativity : multiple voices  
372.21 Investigating emotional, sensory and social learning in Cousins, Sarah B.
373.1102 Teaching without disruption in the secondary school : a Chaplain, Roland
378.125 Student-centered learning environments in higher educat Hoidn, Sabine
378.19809410904 Students in twentieth-century Britain and Ireland / Jod  
391.650952 Tattoos in Japanese prints / Sarah E. Thompson Thompson, Sarah E. (Sarah Elizabeth), 1951-
418.02072 Researching translation competence by PACTE Group / edi  
420.9 The origins and development of the English language Algeo, John
510.71 Mathematics teacher noticing : seeing through teachers’  
510.76 The Shanghai maths project : for the English national c  
511.3 Elements of logic via numbers and sets / D.L. Johnson Johnson, D. L.
512.02433 Mathematics for economics and business / Ian Jacques Jacques, Ian, 1957-
514.742 Make your own Mandelbrot : a gentle journey through the Rashid, Tariq
515 Mathematical analysis : a straightforward approach / K. Binmore, K. G., 1940-
519.57 Factorial design / Thomas Elser Elser, Thomas
523.1 Our mathematical universe : my quest for the ultimate n Tegmark, Max
551.4637 Tsunamis / edited by Eddie N. Bernard and Allan R. Robi  
560.1723095135 The Cambrian fossils of Chengjiang, China : the floweri Hou, Xianguang
570.712 Advanced biology / Michael Kent Kent, Michael, 1950-
613.7 Persuasion and communication in sport, exercise, and ph  
616.15 Haematology / Gary W. Moore, BSc DBMS CSci FIBMS CBiol Moore, Gary, Dr.
616.8521 Resilience [videorecording] : the biology of stress & t Redford, James
616.8553 The illustrated guide to dyslexia and its amazing peopl Power, Kate (Kate Elsworth), 1971-
620.0092 Life lessons of a failure analyst / Mac Louthan Louthan, M. R.
624.15136 Disturbed soil properties and geotechnical design / And Schofield, A. N. (Andrew Noel), 1930-
624.1892 Polymer support fluids in civil engineering / Carlos La Lam, Carlos
629.2272 Design of human-powered vehicles / by C. Mark Archibald Archibald, C. Mark
629.286075 The fine art of collecting & displaying Petroliana Matthews, Daniel K.
640 How to make a home / Edward Hollis Hollis, Edward
658 Management / Richard L. Daft and Alan Benson Daft, Richard L.
658.3 Human resource development : theory and practice / edit  
658.4012 Exploring strategy Johnson, Gerry
658.4038 BABOK : a guide to the business analysis body of knowle  
658.404 Project management demystified / Geoff Reiss Reiss, Geoff, 1945-
658.4092 Nelson’s way : leadership lessons from the great comman Jones, Stephanie, 1957-
658.80091767 Islamic marketing and branding : theory and practice /  
659.157 Architectures of display : department stores and modern  
659.285 Improving the performance of sponsorship / Ardi Kolah Kolah, Ardi
686.22092 Alan Kitching : a life in letterpress / John L. Walters Kitching, Alan, 1940-
690.0685 Construction quality management : principles and practi Howarth, Tim
690.24 Adaptive reuse : extending the lives of buildings / Lil Wong, Liliane
693.832 Advanced energy efficient building envelope systems / M  
700.41450941 This enchanted isle : the neo-Romantic vision from Will Woodcock, Peter
704.04208996073 Embodied avatars : genealogies of black feminist art an McMillan, Uri
704.949305896 The image of the Black in western art  
709.04 Materiality / edited by Petra Lange-Berndt  
712 Landscape architecture and environmental sustainability Zeunert, Joshua
720 Four walls and a roof : the complex nature of a simple Graaf, Reinier de, 1964-
720.1 Materiality and architecture / edited by Sandra Karina  
720.1 Perception in Architecture, Here and Now / edited by Cl Perception in Architecture, Here and Now (Con
720.2840285 AAD, Algorithms-aided design : parametric strategies us Tedeschi, Arturo, 1979-
720.47092 It’s not easy being green / text by Ken Yeang ; book de Yeang, Ken, 1948-
720.952 Made in Tokyo / Momoyo Kaijima, Junzo Kuroda, Yoshiharu Kaijima, Momoyo, 1969-
721.0445092 The rhetoric of Pier Luigi Nervi : concrete and ferroce Gargiani, Roberto, 1956-
721.823 Windowscape 2  
721.823 WindowScape : window behaviourology / edited by Yoshiha  
724 Modern architecture : representation and reality / Neil Levine, Neil, 1941-
724.7 El Croquis  
724.9 El Croquis  
728 Together! : the new architecture of the collective / ed  
728 Woningbouw wereldwijd : betaalbare woningen voor groeie  
728.047 Het ecohuis : typologiee¨n van ruimte, bouwen en wonen  
728.0904 Regeneration! : conservations, drawings, archives & ph Brennan, Jessie
728.1 Studenten-huisvesting = Housing the student / editors,  
728.10973 The architecture of affordable housing / Sam Davis Davis, Sam, 1946-
728.3109492 Nieuwe open ruimte in het woonensemble = New open space  
728.3120942142 Cook’s Camden : the making of modern housing / Mark Swe Swenarton, Mark
728.8 The country house ideal : recent work by ADAM architect Musson, Jeremy
728.8092 Robert Adam : country house design, decoration, & the a Musson, Jeremy
728.809421 Great houses of London / James Stourton ; photographs b Stourton, James
729.0904 Stijlkamers = Interiors on display / redactie/editors,  
738.209 The white road / Edmund de Waal De Waal, Edmund
741.2 Read this if you want to be great at drawing / Selwyn L Leamy, Selwyn
741.6 The design of dissent / by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic Glaser, Milton
741.6 Introduction to graphic design : a guide to thinking, p Sherin, Aaris
741.6097940904 Earthquakes, mudslides, fires and riots : California & Sandhaus, Louise, 1955-
741.642 That rabbit belongs to Emily Brown / written by Cressid Cowell, Cressida
741.642 Room on the broom / Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler Donaldson, Julia
741.642 Lost and found / Oliver Jeffers Jeffers, Oliver
741.674 How posters work / Ellen Lupton Lupton, Ellen
745.2 Design anthropology : object cultures in transition / e  
745.4 Encountering things : design and theories of things / e  
745.40922 Digital handmade : craftsmanship in the new industrial Johnston, Lucy
746.92 China : through the looking glass / Andrew Bolton with Bolton, Andrew, 1966-
746.92081 Androgyne : fashion and gender / Patrick Maurie`s Maurie`s, Patrick, 1952-
747 Interior design materials and specifications / Lisa God Godsey, Lisa
764.8 Screen printing : the ultimate studio guide from sketch Higginson, Fred
781.542 Music in epic film : listening to spectacle / edited by  
781.63 Popular world music / Andrew Shahriari Shahriari, Andrew C.
781.649 Purists and peripherals : hip-hop and grime subcultures Dedman, Todd
791.08996073 Black performance on the outskirts of the left : a hist Gaines, Malik
791.330922 The clown egg register / Luke Stephenson & Helen Champi Stephenson, Luke, 1983-
791.430233092 Stan Brakhage : interviews / edited by Suranjan Ganguly Brakhage, Stan
791.43025 The art direction handbook for film & television / Mich Rizzo, Michael
791.437 Blade runner [videorecording] / director, Ridley Scott;  
791.437 La Hora de los valientes video recording / una película Mercero, Antonio
792.08996041 Black British drama : a transnational story / Michael P Pearce, Michael, 1977-
792.09421 London theatres / Michael Coveney, Peter Dazeley ; fore Coveney, Michael, 1948-
792.642 The lion king : pride rock on Broadway / Julie Taymor ; Taymor, Julie, 1952-
793.2 Entertainment values : how do we assess entertainment a  
796.0698 Leveraging brands in sport business / edited by Mark P.  
796.077 Psychology in sports coaching : theory and practice / A Nicholls, Adam R.
808.06607 How to write articles for newspapers and magazines / Da Sova, Dawn B.
808.0663613 Writing analytical assessments in social work / Chris D Dyke, Chris
809.399287 The single woman, modernity, and literary culture : wom Sterry, Emma
809.93358 The new literary middlebrow : tastemakers and reading i Driscoll, Beth
810.809358 The literary quest for an American national character / Pollard, Finn
810.9353 Mutha’ is half a word : intersections of folklore, vern Horton-Stallings, LaMonda
820.4099287 The history of British women’s writing  
820.8 Keats and negative capability / Li Ou Ou, Li
820.9353 The representation of bodily pain in late nineteenth-ce Bending, Lucy
823.8093522 Self-harm in new woman writing / Alexandra Gray Gray, Alexandra
840.996 Publishing Africa in French : literary institutions and Bush, Ruth, 1983-
892.73 Politics, language, and gender in the Algerian Arabic n Cox, Debbie
914.2104 Unseen London / photographs by Peter Dazeley ; text by Dazeley, Peter
940.314 The long shadow : the legacies of the Great War in the Reynolds, David, 1952-
940.541254 Soldiers of empire : Indian and British armies in World Barkawi, Tarak
940.5612 Fractured continent : Europe’s crises and the fate of t Drozdiak, William
941.08612 Coalition : the inside story of the Conservative-Libera Laws, David, 1965-
966.25052 We are heirs of the world’s revolutions : speeches from Sankara, Thomas
967.571043 Memory and justice in post-genocide Rwanda / Timothy Lo Longman, Timothy Paul
975.703 From revolution to reunion : the reintegration of the S Brannon, Rebecca
741 642 Diary of a wimpy kid : Greg Heffley’s journal / by Jeff  

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