Afore ye go…

reading beach photoBefore you start hurriedly packing up to go away for the summer vacation (unless you are staying with us, in which case carry on), please could you sort through all your Library books and return any you do not think you will need next year?

It makes sure you can actually find all the books you have on loan before you move house, and it can save you from some unwelcome Library charges.  Books continue to be recalled over the Summer Vacation because the Library remains open, and if you are holding onto any books you need to be prepared to return them if asked.  Our books should also not be leaving the UK, so if you are going overseas, please leave our books somewhere safe when you go.

Thank you!

Photo by aftab.

Assistant Librarian (Promotions) at the University Library. An enthusiastic advocate of libraries, diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice for all, inside and outside the workplace.

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