A very brief examination survival guide: a lecturer writes…

exam uni photoFor revision

  1. Write essay plans
  2. Discuss alternative approaches with friends
  3. Make sure you know where you are going and where your exams are being held
  4. Make time to relax/exercise

For the exam

  1. Ensure you are cool, calm and collected. Leave Panic (wasn’t he a Marvel supervillain reject?) at home.
  2. Pablo Penguin asked us to tell you that he has total faith in you. You are absolutely prepared for this.
  3. Spend five minute thinking carefully about what the question is asking.
  4. Write a clear argument, which directly answers the question posed, ensuring each point is supported by relevant evidence.

After the exam

Avoid the social media post-mortem of what you might have said and what others reckon would have made for a better answer. Like most things on social media, they are all probably wrong but it is decidedly worrying.  And pointless, unless you stumble upon a time machine and can go back and take the same exam again.  The exam you just finished no longer exists and the next one has not yet arrived.

Accept that the last exam has ended, have a relaxation/exercise break, and then focus on the only thing you can control, which is what you are doing.  Right.  Now.

Thanks to Dr Alice Evans, University of Cambridge via Cambridge News for much of the original advice.

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