Roofing progress: reopening Areas 0A and 1A (resolved)

Update 08.02.17 – All the books in Area 0A are now available.  Both the ground and first floors are completely open and accessible.

Update 07.02.17 – The books in Area 1A are now reshelved in order.  A small number of books remain inaccessible in Area 0A (shelfmarks 004.65 PET – 005.1 MAG).  It is expected that these will become available later this week.  Please complete a reservation card if you cannot reach the book you want.

We are delighted to report that the roofing replacement above Areas 0A and 1A has been completed and that all the study spaces and almost all the books are freely accessible again.  Only a few books are inaccessible.  It is hoped these will be available by the end of this week.

If you completed a reservation card for any books in these areas while they were taped off, we will reserve these books for you and email you when they are ready to collect.  If you find any bookszare shown as “available” on the catalogue that are not on the shelves, please ask a member of Library staff for assistance.

Still inaccessible: Area 0A shelfmarks 004.65 PET – 005.1 MAG

Accessible but temporarily stored on trolleys/tables: Area 1A shelfmarks 581 – 595.7