Web Proxy access not working for some clients (resolved)

Problems have been reported by some clients when trying to access electronic resources through the Web Proxy.  If you are having problems only with specific resources, please get in touch with the Library.  If you are unable to access anything, try switching off the Web Proxy, check you can log into Moodle (if you cannot it might suggest an account problem – in which case please contact the IS Service Desk, T: 023 9284 7777).  If you can access Moodle through another browser or with the Web Proxy switched off but cannot access electronic resources through the Web Proxy, IS recommend you switch off the Web Proxy and set up the VPN instead, at least until this problem is resolved.  Please click “read more” for further details.


Instructions are available here at the end of the Web Proxy guides for switching off the Web Proxy in different popular browsers.  Please switch off the Web Proxy before setting up the VPN service using the instructions also available on this web page.  The VPN uses a small piece of software you download from the University website that will allow you to access electronic Library resources in the same way as the Web Proxy.  The VPN also allows you to access your University N-drive and the shared K-drive when working away from the University campus.

We appreciate that clients working for the Probation Service and elsewhere may be unable to install the VPN software on their work computers.  If you have any difficulties, please get in touch and we will do everything we can to assist you.  Information Services are working hard to remedy the problems with the Web Proxy.