Trial extension to 24/7 opening

In response to requests from students, we are delighted to announce a trial extension to Library 24/7 opening this year.

The Library building will open 24/7 from 8am on Monday, 23rd November until midnight at the end of Friday 11th December (the end of term).  Christmas vacation opening hours will operate as advertised on the Library website from Saturday, 12th December 2015 until 3rd January 2016.  24/7 opening will recommence from 8am on Monday, 4th January 2016 until the Examination and Assessment Period ends at midnight at the end of Friday, 27th May.

During 24/7 opening, the Library building does not close but remains open to staff and students around the clock.  Our friendly security team will be here 24/7 to keep everyone safe and secure.

Opening hours information is available on the Library website.

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