Surviving university – a very brief guide

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Surviving and thriving at university is more than just about effective study – you need to make time for yourself and stay fit and healthy.  The sports centre and gyms are conveniently close to the Library.  Unless you are a sports or fitness enthusiast, in which case the Library is conveniently close to the sports centre!  Joining a sports team can be fun and make new friends with a common interest.  You might not have time to attend everything you signed up for at the AU Fair, so just plump for something you enjoy and go with that.

Get into a sustainable routine

Getting to bed in good time helps you to concentrate better and learn more quickly and easily. It has also been found that you often solve problems while you sleep.  Getting in a healthy routine fro the start makes everything easier.  Cooking, packing lunch for the next day, washing up, washing yourself and your clothes, studying… your routine will carry you though the times when you get ill or stressed and make the otherwise unmanagable managable.

Eat well, stay well

Fast food is very tempting, and while Dominos deliver pizzas up until 5 am, you cannot bring them into the Library, even during 24/7 opening (during the last 20 weeks of the second semester, from mid-January until the end of the exams).  It is often helpful to take a meal break.  Go home, cook something healthy from or your favourite cook book and then come back refreshed to study again.

Only connect

Keep in touch with friends on and outside your course.  Talking to others makes you feel less alone and a problem shared really is a problem halved.  The Wellbeing Service is also here to help.  Advisors are available every Tuesdays, starting from October 13th in the Student Advice Centre.

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