Reading lists rollover – we need your help

reading lists photoWe are about to begin the process to rollover reading lists to ensure that they work for next academic year. This will be our first full scale attempt at a reading list rollover on current lists, some of which include copyright cleared scans, so please report any hitches to your Faculty Librarian.


Step 1 will be the maintenance of links that you have embedded within your Moodle sites – we will start to relabel them for the 2014-15 time period. This does not effect those you have added as a reading list ‘block’ and has no effect on the functionality of the lists in the 2013-14 Moodle units.

Please contact your Faculty Librarian if you:

  • are managing a course level list
  • have a new unit starting next academic year
  • have a unit with a reading list which will not be on offer next academic year
  • have a unit without a reading list but can provide a draft reading list for us to enter on the system
  • have scans or directly embedded pdfs of articles present in Moodle which are not attached to a reading list but need reporting to CLA
  • wish to retain a 2013/14 list as it is and build a new 2014/15 list

We will make appropriate amendments to our schedule to ensure that your students retain access to everything they need but any necessary adjustments are ready to be actioned when appropriate.

If none of the above applies to you feel free to continue developing your existing list but remember to request a review if you make significant changes to it so we can order books, scans etc. to support next years teaching. We will be delighted to help you develop skills for creating and editing your own lists if you do not feel confident in this at the moment.


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