New Books – April 2014

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during April 2014 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
004 AQA computing Bond, K. R. (Kevin R.)
005.133 Objects first with Java : a practical introduction usin Barnes, D. (David J.)
006.686 Adobe after effects CS6 : classroom in a book : the off
006.686 Adobe Flash Professional CS6 : classroom in a book : th
006.686 Adobe Photoshop CS6 : classroom in a book : the officia
006.7 White space is not your enemy : a beginner’s guide to c Hagen, Rebecca
006.78 Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 : classroom in a book : the offic
006.78 Adobe Fireworks CS6 : classroom in a book : the officia
070.41 Contemporary editing / Cecilia Friend and Donald Challe Friend, Cecilia, 1948-
070.49 Untold : the stories behind the photographs / Steve McC McCurry, Steve
070.9 The invention of news : how the world came to know abou Pettegree, Andrew
149.97 Modernity and postmodern culture / Jim McGuigan McGuigan, Jim
153 The SAGE handbook of applied memory / edited by Timothy
155.232 Identity development : adolescence through adulthood / Kroger, Jane, 1947-
155.418 The development of the social self / edited by Mark Ben
155.4192 Social development : relationships in infancy, childhoo
176.4 The end of sex : how hookup culture is leaving a genera Freitas, Donna
300.72 Case study research : design and methods / Robert K. Yi Yin, Robert K.
300.72 Doing visual research with children and young people /
300.72 Research design : creating robust approaches for the so Gorard, Stephen
301.01 Classical sociological theory : a reader / edited by Ia
301.01 The social theory of Georg Simmel / Nicholas J. Spykman Spykman, Nicholas J. (Nicholas John), 1893-19
302 Human relationships / Steve Duck Duck, Steve
302.12 Young people, risk and leisure : constructing identitie
302.17 Moral blindness : the loss of sensitivity in liquid mod Bauman, Zygmunt, 1925-
302.222 Introduction to multimodal analysis / David Machin Machin, David, Ph. D
302.2244094 The rise of mass literacy : reading and writing in mode Vincent, David, 1949-
302.23 The media studies reader / edited by Laurie Ouellette
302.23081 The gender and media reader / edited by Mary Celeste Ke
302.23450973 Popular culture and the future of politics : cultural s Gournelos, Ted, 1979-
302.35072 Doing action research in your own organization / David Coghlan, David
303.32 Children and social competence : arenas of action / edi
303.32 Studying the social worlds of children : sociological r
303.484 The McDonaldization of society / George Ritzer Ritzer, George
303.6 Gendercide and genocide / edited by Adam Jones
303.660811 Male roles, masculinities and violence : a culture of p
303.66082 War and gender : how gender shapes the war system and v Goldstein, Joshua S., 1952-
305.23 Pricing the priceless child : the changing social value Zelizer, Viviana A. Rotman
305.23072 Doing research with children and young people / edited
305.23082 The hidden life of girls : games of stance, status, and Goodwin, Marjorie Harness
305.231 Peer groups and children’s development / Christine Howe Howe, Christine
305.231 Studying the social worlds of children : sociological r
305.233 An introduction to early childhood studies / edited by
305.235 Adolescents, families, and social development : how tee Smetana, Judith G., 1951-
305.3 Formations of class and gender : becoming respectable / Skeggs, Beverley
305.42094 Revisiter la querelle des femmes : discours sur l’éga
305.5 Formations of class and gender : becoming respectable / Skeggs, Beverley
305.5620941 Cultural studies and the working class : subject to cha
305.8 New frontiers in ethnography / edited by Sam Hillyard
306 A sociology of culture, taste and value / Simon Stewart Stewart, Simon, 1974-
306 Celebrity society / Robert van Krieken Van Krieken, Robert
306 Community : seeking safety in an insecure world / Zygmu Bauman, Zygmunt
306.36 Work and society : sociological approaches, themes and Strangleman, Tim, 1967-
306.3620961 Piracy, slavery, and redemption : Barbary captivity nar
306.4850941 An everyday magic : cinema and cultural memory / Annett Kuhn, Annette, 1945-
306.85 Understanding families : a global introduction / Linda McKie, Linda
306.850862 Families : a social class perspective / Shirley A. Hill Hill, Shirley A. (Shirley Ann), 1947-
307.1216 How to study public life / by Jan Gehl and Birgitte Sva Gehl, Jan, 1936-
307.14 M2 models and methodologies for community engagement /
320.01 Transitional justice, culture, and society : beyond out
322.50968 Pretoria’s praetorians : civil-military relations in So Frankel, Philip H.
323 Understanding human dignity / edited by Christopher McC
323.490983 The politics of memory in Chile : from Pinochet to Bach
324.2138094 The media and the far right in Western Europe : playing Ellinas, Antonis A., 1975-
324.241038 Bloody nasty people : the rise of Britain’s far right / Trilling, Daniel
325.4 Impact of extreme right parties on immigration policy : Carvalho, Joaõ Miguel Duarte de
327 International relations : a beginner’s guide / Charles Jones, Charles A., 1949-
327.1 The culture of national security : norms and identity i
327.1011 Introduction à l’analyse géopolitique : histoire, outil Zajec, Olivier
327.117 De l’arme e´conomique / Claude Lachaux, Denis Lacorne, Lachaux, Claude
330.967203 Le Congo au temps des grandes compagnies concessionnair Coquery-Vidrovitch, Catherine
331.2 Labor and monopoly capital : the degradation of work in Braverman, Harry
331.761 Service work : critical perspectives / edited by Marek
331.88094 1973-2013 : 40 years of history of the European Trade U Degryse, Christophe
332.632 Market risk analysis Alexander, Carol
338.4762340968 Embargo disimplemented : South Africa’s military indust Landgren, Signe
339.47 Pricing the priceless child : the changing social value Zelizer, Viviana A. Rotman
340.023 The Bar directory / The General Council of the Bar General Council of the Bar (England and Wales
340.072 Research methodologies in EU and international law / ed
340.072 Research methods in law / edited by Dawn Watkins and Ma
340.115 Transitional justice : images and memories / edited by
341.072 Research methodologies in EU and international law / ed
341.2422 The politics of European integration : political union Glencross, Andrew
342.4105 Parliamentary sovereignty : contemporary debates / Jeff Goldsworthy, Jeffrey Denys
342.41085 Privacy and freedom of expression
342.73085 A theory of shield laws : journalists, their sources, a Smith, Dean C., 1964-
345.410232 Blackstone’s guide to the Bribery Act 2010 / Monty Raph Raphael, Monty
347.035 Constitutional courts in comparison : the U.S. Supreme
347.41 Understanding the law / Geoffrey Rivlin Rivlin, Geoffrey
347.41016 Magistracy at the crossroads / edited by David Faulkner
349.73 American legal history : a very short introduction / G. White, G. Edward
349.73 An introduction to the legal system of the United State Farnsworth, E. Allan (Edward Allan), 1928-
355.820968 Armscor : South Africa’s arms merchant / by James P. Mc McWilliams, James P.
358.42 Death from the heavens : a history of strategic bombing Werrell, Kenneth P.
361 Social policy : an introduction Blakemore, Kenneth, 1948-
362.71 Cyberbullying : bullying in the digital age / Robin M. Kowalski, Robin M.
365.973 The warehouse prison : disposal of the new dangerous cl Irwin, John, 1929-
370.193 Education : culture, economy, and society / edited by A
370.91724 The promise of a pencil : how an ordinary person can cr Braun, Adam
371.8220941 Girls in a goldfish bowl : moral regulation, ritual and George, Rosalyn
371.826230941 Educational failure and working class white children in Evans, Gillian, 1966-
372.21 Developing professional practice Blandford, Sonia
372.21 Transitions in the early years : working with children
378.001 What are universities for? / Stefan Collini Collini, Stefan, 1947-
384.55 Digital TV over broadband : harvesting bandwidth / Joan Van Tassel, Joan
401.93 Ways with words : language, life, and work in communiti Heath, Shirley Brice
418.02 A companion to translation studies / edited by Sandra B
418.02023 How to succeed as a freelance translator / Corinne McKa McKay, Corinne
428.24071 Learning to teach English / Peter Watkins Watkins, Peter A.
519.50285 Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics : and Field, Andy P.
526.9 Surveying for engineers / John Uren, Bill Price Uren, J.
612 Ganong’s review of medical physiology
612 Seeley’s anatomy & physiology
617.60757 Selection criteria for dental radiography / editors; K.
621.388 Digital TV over broadband : harvesting bandwidth / Joan Van Tassel, Joan
627 Understanding hydraulics / Les Hamill Hamill, L. (Leslie)
658 Business in context : an introduction to business and i Needle, David
658.0072 Essentials of business research : a guide to doing your Wilson, Jonathan (Jonathan Stuart)
658.152240285 The secrets of crowdfunding : a step-by-step guide to g Akers, Sean
658.3 Contemporary themes in strategic people management : a
658.3 Managing behavior in organizations / Jerald Greenberg Greenberg, Jerald
658.401 Contemporary strategy analysis : text and cases / Rober Grant, Robert M., 1948-
658.406 Experiential approach to organization development / Don Brown, Donald R., 1945-
658.406 The theory and practice of change management / John Hay Hayes, John, 1943-
658.8 Value-based marketing : marketing strategies for corpor Doyle, Peter, 1943 June 23-2003
658.8093855 Branding television / Catherine Johnson Johnson, Catherine, 1973-
658.827 Brand new : the shape of brands to come / Wally Olins Olins, Wally
658.827 Brand thinking and other noble pursuits / Debbie Millma Millman, Debbie
670 Making it : manufacturing techniques for product design Lefteri, Chris
686.22 The complete manual of typography : a guide to setting Felici, James
697 Thermal environmental conditions for human occupancy
700.1 The field of cultural production : essays on art and li Bourdieu, Pierre
704.94 Visible signs : an introduction to semiotics in the vis Crow, David, 1962-
711.4 Urban interior : informal explorations, interventions a
724.9 Peter Zumthor, 1985-1989 : buildings and projects
724.909422792 The Tricorn : the life and death of a sixties icon / Ce Clark, Celia
728.3 The urban housing handbook / Eric Firley and Caroline S Firley, Eric
741.5 99 ways to tell a story : exercises in style / Matt Mad Madden, Matt
741.6 Marks of excellence : the history and taxonomy of trade Mollerup, Per, 1942-
741.6023 Studio culture : the secret life of the graphic design
741.65 The modern magazine : visual journalism in the digital Leslie, Jeremy
749.213 The story of Eames Furniture Neuhart, Marilyn
759.2 Stanley Spencer : a complete catalogue of the paintings Bell, Keith
770.1 Reading photographs : an introduction to the theory and Salkeld, Richard
778.53 Adobe after effects CS6 : classroom in a book : the off
778.920941 The Victorians : photographic portraits / Audrey Linkma Linkman, Audrey
782.810973 Great musicals of the American theatre
782.810973 Our musicals, ourselves : a social history of the Ameri Jones, John Bush
782.810973 The Oxford handbook of the American musical / edited by
782.812 The light in the piazza / book by Craig Lucas ; music a Lucas, Craig
782.812 The new American musical : an anthology from the end of
782.8152 The singer’s musical theatre anthology
791.43 Coming soon to a festival near you : programming film f
791.4301 Film and history / James Chapman Chapman, James, 1968-
791.4301 Film as film : understanding and judging movies / new i Perkins, V. F., Victor Francis, 1936-
791.430232 Film scheduling : or, How long will it take to shoot yo Singleton, Ralph S., Ralph Stuart, 1940-
791.430233 The film director’s intuition : script analysis and reh Weston, Judith, 1946-
791.43024 Sound design : the expressive power of music, voice, an Sonnenschein, David
791.430941 An everyday magic : cinema and cultural memory / Annett Kuhn, Annette, 1945-
791.45028 Presenting on TV and radio : an insider’s guide / Janet Trewin, Janet
792.01 Theatre in the expanded field : seven approaches to per Read, Alan, 1956-
792.013 Theatre & globalization / Dan Rebellato Rebellato, Dan, 1968-
792.022 Immersive theatres : intimacy and immediacy in contempo Machon, Josephine, 1979-
792.022 Site-specific performance / Mike Pearson Pearson, Mike, 1949-
792.0233 Direction / Simon Shepherd Shepherd, Simon
792.028 Acting : psychophysical phenomenon and process / Philli Zarrilli, Phillip B., 1947-
792.028 Acting in musical theatre : a comprehensive course / Jo Deer, Joe
792.028 Voice into acting : integrating voice and the Stanislav Gutekunst, Christina
792.09421 Theatre workshop : Joan Littlewood and the making of mo Leach, Robert, 1942-
808.0666 Technical communication Lannon, John M.
808.23 Save the cat! : the last book on screenwriting you’ll e Snyder, Blake, 1957-2009
810.609353 Failure and the American writer : a literary history / Jones, Gavin Roger, 1968-
810.8 Cormac McCarthy : All the pretty horses, No country for
820.6 A companion to Charles Dickens / edited by David Parois
820.6 Dickens’s villains : melodrama, character, popular cult John, Juliet, 1967-
820.6 The Carlyle encyclopedia / edited by Mark Cumming
840.71 The way by Swann’s / Marcel Proust ; translated and wit Proust, Marcel, 1871-1922
909.0971244 Grandeur et servitude coloniales / présentation de Nico Sarraut, Albert, 1872-1962
940.545941 ULTRA at sea / John Winton Winton, John
941.60824 The origins of the present troubles in Northern Ireland Kennedy-Pipe, Caroline, 1961-
942.062 God’s fury, England’s fire : a new history of the Engli Braddick, M. J. (Michael J.), 1962-
946.07 Spain, 1808-1975 Carr, Raymond
959.7043 Everything we had : an oral history of the Vietnam War
968.05 The Cambridge companion to Nelson Mandela / edited by R
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