Creative Arts Book of the Week 01/04/2014

Maps by Mizielińska, A & Mizieliński, D.

Newly purchased, it stayed on our display stand for just 24 hours before it flew out of the library on a four week loan.  I am not surprised!  This oversized quality book of hand drawn maps is an item of great beauty.  Lavishly illustrated and full of quirky drawings which include animals and landmarks, it gives a broad factual overview of each country.

If you have seen a copy of the Mediaeval Mappa Mundi you will be able to visualise the style I am describing.  Unfortunately not every country is included but I live in hope that Maps 2 may soon be on the horizon.

Click on the link for more details

Although the intended audience is ‘Juvenile’, the book description states it as a ‘visual feast for readers of all ages’.  Educational as well as visual; I think it will please our illustration students who are looking for something different to inspire them.

So, enjoy……if you can get your hands on it.  I may have to order my own copy!


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