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Check your grammar while you type with Ginger and Grammerly

Are you distracted by the nagging feeling that your grammar might be letting your work down?  As with so many things, there is now an app (or several) for that!  Two popular free apps that check your grammar while you

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WriteUP: your favourite stories yet to be told

Do you like stories?  Perhaps you write them in your spare time, or perhaps you have wanted to but never tried.  Now’s your chance!  The WriteUP Short Story Competition is an exciting new venture brought to you by English Literature

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Val McDermid at the New Theatre Royal

Crime writer Val McDermid (author of Wire in the Blood) will be appearing at the New Theatre Royal for an evening of discussion on Tuesday 23rd May at 7:30 pm to talk about her latest novel, Out of Bounds.  Val will

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10 apps of Christmas 2016 #3 – Gradeproof

GradeProof goes beyond the standard spelling and grammar check and attempts to suggest intelligent new ways to phrase your writing to improve economy and style.  Useful for anything from university assignments to job applications, the beta test of this this

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Tips for academic writing

After publishing a case study article in a peer-reviewed journal, one librarian shares the lessons he learned about successful academic writing.  Happily the advice works for everything from undergraduate assignments to academic journal articles, so there is something of potential

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Putting pen(guin) to paper

We recently published a peer-reviewed journal article (a free version is available from the University of Portsmouth Research Portal) about the arrival of Pablo the penguin (who tweets as @uoppenguin).  Some of you might be wondering about the origins of Pablo the penguin

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I only went into Blackwells to browse through their world music collection

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum, or should that read Blackwells, last week! I didn’t want to venture very far.  My lunch buddy had cancelled, the drizzle had started and I needed to buy a sandwich

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The Novella Award

Do you have a short story you would like to share with others?  The Novella Award is running a competition, offering £1000 for the best short story (20,000-40,000 words) received and publication of the winning story by Sandstone Press. The deadline this

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Exploring queer cultures and lifestyles in the creative arts in Britain c1885-1967

The academic study of queer culture and lifestyles has become a popular field of study in several degree courses.  We have a broad range of books about this subject in the University Library. For anyone who is interested I came

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 15/02/16

Wonderbook : the illustrated guide to creating imaginative fiction by Jeff Vandermeer This week’s book review is all about a writing manual.  Not as boring as it sounds though.  Jeff Vandermeer is a three-times winner of the World Fantasy Award

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