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Can studying Business make you stupid?

Well… according to one study, undergraduate Business students (emphatically not students at Portsmouth Business School!) were observed to be less able to think clearly after university a few weeks of university teaching than before.  It is suspected this was largely

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Desperately seeking silence?

For some people, crowds and noisy spaces are the stuff of nightmares.  If this sounds like you, there are some simple ways to get the books you need, use the library, ask questions when you need to and void all

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Eat, drink and be happy

Head past the Library Help Desk and round the bottom of the wooden staircase in the Library Atrium, and you will find the Library Coffee Shop.  Here you can buy a variety of hot and cold drinks and snacks for

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Stress Less with Steph

Learning to notice when you are becoming tense and finding ways to relax and think clearly under pressure will make your study more effective and enjoyable.  In just ten minutes a week, you too can learn how to recognise and

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Stay safe and secure – enjoy your time at university

Coming to University is an exciting (and for many terrifying) time.  There are so many new things to see, do and think about and new people to meet but wherever you are you should always keep your safety and security

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Feeling the cold?

Grab a blanket for warmth! Some people feel the cold more than others, and so you can grab a blanket to use in the Library from baskets dotted around the Library.  What they lack in looks, they make up for

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We come up with New Year’s resolutions, why not for the new academic year, too?

Have you thought about the ‘new (academic) year – new you’ yet? I was reading the Metro paper the other day and an article by Susan Griffin on productivity caught my eye. Here is the resolutions list she devised: Start

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How to look out for your mate – an expert guide

Helping a mate or family member when they are low or bereaved can be extremely challenging and there is no easy way to know what (or how much) to say.  What is clear is that when people are very low

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Anxiety and its antidotes

Going away to university is often said to be the best years of a young person’s life, and yet the number of UK university students who report a mental health concern is now five times what it was ten years

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23 wellbeing things. No. 23, Learning from life

People are a lot like ponds – both reflect without even knowing they are doing it.  Unlike ponds, people can work to improve their ability actively to reflect and learn from life experiences – what went well and what you

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