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Work anywhere at your own virtual university

You can enjoy the online campus learning experience at home, out and about or even overseas and still make use of the safe storage and many of the networked University resources over the internet by setting up the Virtual Private Network

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Do you learn at a distance?

Your digital library online Everyone can use all of our electronic resources online from anywhere over the internet.  It is much easier to use our resources if you set up your home computer, tablet, phone, etc. to connect to the

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Work anywhere with the VPN or web proxy (updated)

You can use all the library’s premium subscription resources from anywhere for free as if you were on campus.  In order to enjoy the full experience, including making group study room bookings and getting to use some otherwise ‘campus only’

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Working from home

If you are staying in a University managed hall of residence, your network connection will behave as if you were on campus but the same cannot be said if you are in a hall managed by one of the many

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BSOL only available on campus and via VPN (resolved)

Update 24.10.17 – British Standards Online (BSOL) is now working normally both on and away from the University campus.  Thank you for your patience. A problem has developed accessing British Standards Online (BSOL) away from the University campus. Workaround You

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Work anywhere at your own virtual University

Update 20.09.18 – information on the web proxy recently disappeared from MyPort.  The links in this article have been updated to point to the newer MyPort article on the VPN and a blog post explaining how to set up the

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Accessing electronic resources the easy way

Most people want to do some research or look at an ebook when they are away from the campus at times.  If you will be learning at a distance, you will really need to get stuck into our electronic resources, although we can post

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Just stopping by? Grab everything Library in just 24 hours on campus

Are you a distance learner, here for only a day or two?  Come visit the Library while you are here – we are open until midnight every day this week and IT Helpers are here all the time we are open.

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