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Library staff unavailable over Easter Bank Holiday weekend

Library staff will be unavailable over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend from 25- 28 March, inclusive.  IT Helpers will be working 0800-2400 as normal on the Support Services Desk. The Library remains open 24/7 until 27 May 2016 and our telephone helpline

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Research and the Enquiries team: Rambling into Research (Part 1)

Strategic plans often seem a little detached from day to day work, don’t they? Filled with buzz words and positive intentions, and printed on glossy paper to stand out from the other communications we receive, they can come across as

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PBS staff drop-in sessions starting this Friday

If any members of staff from the Portsmouth Business School would like to discuss reading lists, book ordering or any other library-related matters you will have the opportunity to see either Sue Stevenson or Lizzie Wildgoose every Friday afternoon from

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All together now

When you have a problem, you want an instant solution.  That’s why we brought our IT and Library experts together at the single Shared Services Desk to offer help for everything in the same place.  We have also trained our

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Pop-up Library tours

Find out what’s new, what’s changed and what you never discovered your Library has to offer on a whistle-stop pop-up Library tour. Tours start at 11am today and run every 20-30 minutes until 3 pm.  We are offering tours every

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New Years Resolutions?

New Years Resolutions. They’re traditional, well-intentioned, and almost always broken within the first week. Usually, they tend to be about being “better”; improving the way we do something, making more sensible choices, or having a positive impact on our health, wealth or work.

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Don’t panic – it’s only Christmas

If you have any difficulties over the vacation period, there is no need to panic. You can always find: current known problems and their solutions on Known Problems; details of IT system problems on IT Service Status; solutions to common

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Get help where you sit (no need to get up!)

Getting up and leaving your desk for even a few minutes can seem fraught with difficulties at certain times of year.  If you are getting nervous about spending any amount of time away from your desk lest you return to

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Christmas is coming

As you may have seen, the shops are all gearing up for Christmas, trying to part us all from our money.  We have now published our Christmas vacation opening times on the library website and will be displaying posters from

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Don’t be strangers!

It is an unusual student who can make it through the first few weeks of term, let alone all three years, without running into something that they struggle with.  Getting help early on can save you a lot of time

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