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What next after graduation?

Are you wondering what you might do after graduation?  You might want to consider studying for a masters degree to increase your skills in a specialisation you want to work in and make yourself stand out from the competition.  Pop

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Study need not be a solo activity

Do you work better with others?  Looking for a room to practice presentations, work together on something without outside distractions or huddle and compare notes?  You can book library group study rooms up to two weeks in advance or just

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Trying to get more done faster? It’s tomato (timer) time!

Which is the most productive fruit? Well, it turns out to be any sort that’s made into a timer and set to 25 minutes.  Back in the 1980s, Franceso Cirillo discovered that working for 25 minutes before taking a 5

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Helping you to help yourself this assessment season

Welcome to everyone just starting with us and welcome back to everyone else tuning back in as another set of assignment deadlines hoves into view in the middle distance.  Ahead of the examination and assessment period, we wanted to remind

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A review of student led change (in six parts)

Encouraging feedback we receive each year in the National Student Survey reassures us that we are getting most of the important things right and delivering the things that you most need and love.  Every year you tell us our eresources

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The M-word. Motivation? Mindset!

Starting a new calendar year by thinking about how you learn is a good step. Warning – this post contains a lot of questions! I recently read an interesting article about being a self-directed distance learner. Studying this way clearly

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Work anywhere over the University computer network

You can use all the library’s premium subscription eresources from anywhere for free as if you were on campus.  In order to enjoy the full experience, including making group study room bookings and getting to use some otherwise ‘campus only’

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Where’s your space? Take our quiz and find out!

The Library offers many different study environments to suit you in whatever way you would like to study today.  Take this very brief quiz to help you find the best place in the library for what you want to do

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Getting away from it all: introducing 3rd Space

3rd Space is a study space set apart from the main library on the first floor of the Students’ Union building.  This cathedral stands as a monument to chilled out study, group work and mind-broadening discussions.  The quirky indoor beach

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Introducing the Individual Silent Study Zone

The Individual Silent Study zone forms part of the second (top) floor of the library.  Its entrances are marked by purple pull-up banners.  In this zone, talking is not allowed, electronic devices have to be switched to silent mode, and

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