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The windmills in your mind: reflection for reflective writing and lifelong learning

Welcome to a mind-expanding trip down the rabbit hole into the wonderful world of reflective writing, as I try to answer the age old question, “So what really did just happen?”.  This follows on from my last post introducing reflection

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Learning to love working from home (post-lockdown)

Now that the lockdown is easing, it is easier to adapt to some time-honoured practices for working at home successfully, including changing your scene occasionally.  Many coffee shops are offering a government subsidy Monday-Wednesday each week, so why not  pop

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Writing up a dissertation: four tips for success

Writing up a dissertation can feel very different from writing a normal assignment because it is simply so much longer.  Happily, there are several tricks and tips to make this Herculean project more manageable. Start with the end in mind

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23+ wellbeing things. No. 14 – Seven steps to finding your focus

1. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Sitting at a table that is not the right height for you or sitting on a chair that does not really fit the table at hand is just asking for stiffness and physical

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23+ wellbeing things. No. 13 – Three historic thinkers on thriving amid adversity

Many things in life are unavoidable and cannot be changed.  We can work to influence some, object loudly to others, and even dedicate our lives to fighting certain causes but fighting the world is tiring.  As a matter of self-preservation,

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23+ wellbeing tips for strange times #2 – Feeling a little lost? Chat to a Faculty Librarian

When you have chatted to all your friends online and are starting to wonder if there is life beyond computer games or are starting to experience that unpleasant nagging feeling that there might be work still to be done but

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Do you notice your (study) habits?

I sometimes facilitate a workshop on study habits. Sounds boring? Hold on – believe me, it is intriguing and worth investigating. Like my online yoga teacher says, ‘Welcome to the mat.  You have invested in being here. Let’s do something.’

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What next after graduation?

Are you wondering what you might do after graduation?  You might want to consider studying for a masters degree to increase your skills in a specialisation you want to work in and make yourself stand out from the competition.  Pop

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Study need not be a solo activity

Do you work better with others?  Looking for a room to practice presentations, work together on something without outside distractions or huddle and compare notes?  You can book library group study rooms up to two weeks in advance or just

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Trying to get more done faster? It’s tomato (timer) time!

Which is the most productive fruit? Well, it turns out to be any sort that’s made into a timer and set to 25 minutes.  Back in the 1980s, Franceso Cirillo discovered that working for 25 minutes before taking a 5

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