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How suggestible is your Library?

Write your suggestions on one of the slips provided or submit them anonymously (or with your name and email if you would like feedback) via the online suggestion box on the Library homepage.  We welcome all ideas, big and small,

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Campaign for change

Hopefully you have found at least some things helpful in our series on surviving and thriving at university.  We finish with that last bulwark of student activity: activism and creating change. Be part of the grand tradition If you see something you want introduced, stopped or changed

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In touch more often

We introduced more plasma screens across the Library this year to help us let you know about things that might interest you, as well as the Library blog and calendar through our website, delivering expert help and advice for problems you

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Empowering you to help yourselves

Helping you save money is important to us and so we continue to offer the book swapping Book Nook and the book swap/sale noticeboards in the Library and on our website, helping you make the most of what you and

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All that we hold… and all we can borrow!

If we do not have an article that you need, we will get it for you!  This year we began to supply articles, books and journals from other libraries through a simple web form and the Discovery Service.  No tutor’s signature,

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Critical reading is just a click away

63% of units now have their own online reading lists – an increase of 20% from last year.  This success is the result of the ongoing collaboration between your lecturers and your Library. Each online reading list allows us to take

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Offering more than ever before

Q.  What did you like best about your Library? A. The resources within the library.  If you couldn’t find a specific book that you’d been told to look up, there was someone specific for our department who could help. You liked

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Have your say, shape our future

Perhaps the most important thing driving change across the University is the feedback we receive from the students who are leaving each year to embark on still greater things.  We understand that you are busy but you can make a

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Open for you – for longer than ever before

We have never seen so many students working so hard, and we have worked even harder to support you. You have told us every year that you really appreciate the Library opening 24/7, and that so we opened for longer

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Here for you together

When you have a problem you want an instant solution and so we brought our IT and Library experts together at the single Shared Services Desk to offer help for everything in the same place. We have also trained our

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