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Creative Arts Book of the Week 24/11/14

Global Hollywood 2 Toby Miller, Nitin Govil, John McMurria, Richard Maxwell and Tina Wang Find ‘Global Hollywood 2’ at 338.47791430973/GLO. Click  here find it on the catalogue. There are other similar studies on the Hollywood film industry close by. Did

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Business website of the fortnight 27/05/14

Eurofound is a tripartite European Union Agency, providing knowledge to assist in the development of social and work-related policies. This is a useful website for students studying economics, human resources and international business. Law students may also find relevant information

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This is a site for those of you who use instagram on you smart devices. Statigram provides detailed statistics on your instagram gallery from who your followers are to the best time of the day to post for maximum likes.

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Klout is an American based company that provides social media analytics. Sounds a bit dull but what it means in practice is that they can tell you your influence on your social networks. Klout will analysis your influence and give

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Locating London’s Past

This site allows you to search a wide variety of digital historical resources, such as records of crime, plague deaths and archaeological finds, and plot these onto different base maps, including John Rocque’s well known map of London from 1746.

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Not sure we’ve had a new search engine for a while and this looks interesting for finding data and statistics: http://www.zanran.com/ “Zanran helps you to find ‘semi-structured’ data on the web. This is the numerical data that people have presented

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more infographics

After last Thursday’s Twitter and Facebook infographics, TOTD has been on the hunt for data relating to Twitter age usage and found these rather delightful examples of visual presentations of information: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/social-media-by-demographic/?wide=1 http://www.digitalsurgeons.com/facebook-vs-twitter-infographic/ both of which are pointed to by

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Twitter and Facebook infographics

TOTD was recently involved with a ‘Cafe Scientifique’ on the subject of communication via social networking services. For the session we created these infographics which may be of interest.

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A World of Tweets

It’s some time since we had something on Twitter statistics. Here’s an interesting visualisation that takes advantage of HTML5 and cloud computing to show where in the world people have been tweeting in the past hour. http://aworldoftweets.frogdesign.com/

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TOTD rather likes not only the graphs that this will provide for a Twitter account, but also a tagcloud: http://tweetstats.com/ You might also want to check out: http://twittercounter.com/ http://twitteranalyzer.com/ which do similar things although there are more.    This lists several

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