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We must have standards… by the way, what are they?

Standards make everything better, or at least more predictable.  Meeting requisite standards is often required to sell or export products and help ensure products are compatible with one another, and yet most people have no clear idea what they actually

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Possible intermittent problems for clients logging into British Standards Online

Following a change to the login screens, some clients have experienced difficulties logging into British Standards Online (BSOL).  We are uncertain whether this has been complicated by intermittent technical problems and are continuing to monitor the situation. If you have

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BSOL only available on campus and via VPN (resolved)

Update 24.10.17 – British Standards Online (BSOL) is now working normally both on and away from the University campus.  Thank you for your patience. A problem has developed accessing British Standards Online (BSOL) away from the University campus. Workaround You

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