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Pablo in P&M – PURE research

I wanted to add my research monograph: “Fish I have known and loved, an anthology of Pinterest” into the University research repository so you could all read it, but I was told that a profound love of mackerel and a life

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Creative Arts Book of the Week 12/03/15

Blogging for creatives: how designers, artists, crafters and writers can blog to make contacts, win business and build success With all the graduate employment initiatives from Purple Door and the Innovation Space Portsmouth’s economy seems to be flourishing. There are

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Why flamewars?

It’s a sad feature of online life that flamewars, rudeness and just plain spite can erupt all too easily. This fascinating article from the MakeUseOf gang goes a long way to explaining why: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/worse-hitler-flamewars-happen/ Many thanks to all our followers

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Free access this month to Taylor & Francis’ “electronic media” collection

Taylor & Francis’ Communication Theme of the Month Collection this November is “Electronic media”: the study of radio, television, media technology, and web design with streaming audio and video.  Until 30 November, you can get free additional digital content on: Cyber-security Learning Diversity

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Online chat is now working 9 to 5!

Online chat is now available for longer even than during term-time, being staffed 9am – 5pm on weekdays.  You can still get in touch in person, by phone, and for less urgent requests, by web form.  Check out our updated

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Online chat – it’s a lot like texting

Are you an avid fan of twitter?  Do you live to send texts?  Is Facebook Chat the hub of your social life online?  Did you know that it is just as easy to get expert advice by messaging a friendly

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Social Networking

Today we’re hosting librarians from around the country and talking about engaging with students.  TOTD are on stage looking at social networking, so we thought it would be a good moment to rehearse the places you can find us and

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This is a site for those of you who use instagram on you smart devices. Statigram provides detailed statistics on your instagram gallery from who your followers are to the best time of the day to post for maximum likes.

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are your messages inducing stress?

In a TOTD extra, we’ve just heard about a University of Portsmouth app that tags your incoming messages before you read them to help you avoid stress: http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2158515/New-phone-app-detect-stress-inducing-messages-user-reads-them.html Let us know whether you think this would help reduce stress or

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Klout is an American based company that provides social media analytics. Sounds a bit dull but what it means in practice is that they can tell you your influence on your social networks. Klout will analysis your influence and give

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